Fix tag and list issues for dynamic remarketing

This article applies only to the new Google Ads experience. To fix tag and list issues in the previous AdWords experience, read Remarketing tag validations and alerts.

In the new Google Ads experience, many potential issues with remarketing, including those for your tags, event snippets, and lists, are shown as Account status review alerts. The alerts in this article are specific for remarketing issues. Learn more about fixing other issues with display campaigns in the new Google Ads experience.

See if your global site tag and event snippets are working

For remarketing to work in Google Ads, the global site tag should be functioning properly. Event snippets are optional and  should be implemented properly to help hit your  specific remarketing goals. Check in your Google Ads account to see that your global site tag and event snippets are implemented correctly.

  1. Click the tools icon  menu button on the top right.
  2. Under “Shared library”, select Audience manager.
  3. From the menu on the left, select Audience sources.
  4. Under the “Google Ads tag” card, select Details. This is where you’ll see the status of your global site tag and event snippets.

What you'll find:

  • Status of your global site tag.
  • Status of your event snippets.
  • How your tag parameters are performing.
  • Your tag code and implementation instructions.

If you're using dynamic remarketing, the “Parameters” section in the “Google Ads tag” card provides information about your tag’s custom parameters, including the number of hits each parameter received over the past day or 30 days.

Note:  If you haven’t set up your global site tag and event snippets, start here.


While looking at your tag and snippet, consider the following:

  • Use the right business type to ensure that your tag is collecting the right website data. Your business may be suited to some types while not a fit for others.
  • Check out your tag hits and active parameters to see which tags are doing well enough to expand on, and which ones need work or can be removed.
  • See which lists are used for ad group or campaign targeting. Lists can perform differently depending on the target audience, or if they’re tailored to highlight an event (deal, season, etc.) your business is holding.
  • Note that Status review alerts only apply for active campaigns.

If your remarketing setup uses JavaScript from the previous version of the Google Ads tag, it will continue to work. If your setup uses the non-JavaScript image tag, it’s recommend that you use the new tag to have full functionality. 

During tag implementation, validate your global site tag and event snippets using Google Tag Assistant (available in English only). This tool will catch most  errors. Download and install Tag Assistant

Common issues for tags and remarketing lists


Audience list not big enough

Your ads won't show without a remarketing list of 100 active visitors within the last 30 days
Alert message Your ad group is targeting audience lists with fewer than 100 active users

If your audience lists have fewer than 100 active users, you may need to wait for your lists to accumulate additional users, particularly if the list is new.  If you’re using multiple types of targeting or exclusions, you can adjust your ad group targeting to increase potential reach.

If you think there may be an issue with your list rules, check your audience list rules to make sure they're working as intended. 

Click on GO TO AUDIENCE LISTS in the alert card to view and change your remarketing lists.

Learn more

Inactive tag

Your tag hasn't been adding website visitors to your audience lists
Alert message Your Google Ads tag hasn't been active in the last week

Review the tag instructions. Then, validate your tag and check that you've added the custom parameters for your business type.

Click on REVIEW TAG INSTRUCTIONS in the alert card for directions on how to access and change your tag code.

Learn more

Best practice Use the Audience manager to compare tags.

Tag values don’t match your feed values

Your tag ID doesn’t match values in your feed
Alert message Tag “<parameter_name>” values don’t match the “<parameter name>" values in your feed

Download the list of values for the parameter identified. These are values from your tag that don't match the specific parameter values in your feed. Make sure the tag values and specific parameter values in your feed match. 

Tag activity is missing a parameter

Custom parameters aren’t being captured by your tag
Alert message <50%> of your tag's activity is missing "<parameter name>" 

Review the tag instructions and update your tag. Then, go to your website and use Tag Assistant to check that you've added the custom parameters on every page that shows products or services that you want to advertise.

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