Campaign status: Definition

A status for your ad campaign that describes whether or not its ads can run at the moment.

  • For each of your ad campaigns, you'll see information about its current state listed in the "Status" column of your Campaigns page.
  • A campaign's status affects all ad groups and ads within it. For example, when you pause a campaign, all ads within the campaign stop showing.
  • Here are the campaign statuses that you might see:
    • Eligible. The campaign is running and able to show its ads.
    • Paused. The campaign and its ads aren't running because you have paused it. You can resume the campaign whenever you'd like to run its ads.
    • Removed. The campaign and its ads are not running because you've permanently deleted it. If you just want to turn off a campaign, do not remove it. Pause the campaign instead.
    • Ended. The campaign has passed its end date, so its ads are no longer running. You can change the end date any time.
    • Pending. The campaign has a start date in the future, so its ads have not started running yet. You can change the start date any time before it's reached.
    • Limited by budget. The campaign is active and can show ads, but not as often as it could due to budget constraints. You can place your mouse over the bubble next to this status to see your recommended budget.
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