About brand verification for business information

Important: Note that not all assets are guaranteed to show, even if your account is eligible for business information. In such instances, your ad will still show but default to showing your display URL and a globe icon. We recommend periodically checking your Google Ads account for the latest information.

Business information allows you to complement your existing desktop and mobile text ads with business assets like business name and business logo. These assets can help advertisers better connect with new and existing customers by leveraging brand equity. Learn more About business information.

Brand verification allows you to verify disapproved business names and logos, giving you the option to serve these verified assets for business information.

Brand verification for business information

Brand Verification can be completed for any business information asset that is disapproved for Business name not relevant or for Business logo not relevant. An asset cannot be verified until it has been created. Learn more about how to create business information assets.

Disclaimer: To complete Brand verification for your assets, your account needs to complete the Advertiser verification program, which can be done in the Advertiser verification page of your Google Ads account.

Steps for brand verification

  1. Hover over any business information asset disapproved for "Business name not relevant" or for "Business logo not relevant".
  2. Click Fix.
  3. Click Verify, then enter the trademark registration number and country of registration for your asset.
  4. Click Submit.

If an asset is verified, it will automatically be enabled to serve in ads. If verification for an asset is rejected, you will receive a notification in your Google Ads account detailing the rejection reason and will be able to re-submit the asset for verification.

Brand verification requirements

In order for an asset to be successfully verified, it must meet the following 4 requirements:

  1. The business information asset must be the subject of a registered trademark in at least one country.
  2. The trademark must be actively registered.
  3. The registered trademark needs to incorporate or accurately represent the business asset.
  4. The trademark owner must exactly match the legal name submitted via Advertiser Verification, or have a parent/subsidiary relationship to the legal entity submitted via Advertiser Verification that can be confirmed via Dun & Bradstreet or other publicly available resources. If you have already successfully completed Advertiser Verification but need to make changes to your verified identity, please contact Google Ads support.

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