About Fi plans

When you sign up for Google Fi, you can choose from 2 types of plans to get the service that works best for you. Learn how to switch your plan.

Flexible plan

Flexible plan pricing is based on the number of people in your plan and the amount of data you use.


  • Unlimited calls & texts costs $20 for the first person and $15 for each additional person, up to 6 members.
  • Bill Protection: Data is $10/GB until you reach your data level. After you reach your data level, all data is free.
  • Adapts to your data usage. You won’t pay for data you don’t use.
  • Ideal for low data users. Data speed is slowed to 256 kbps after 15 GB of use per member. Learn how to get full data speeds.

Unlimited plan

Unlimited plans are ideal for groups and include 100 GB of Google One storage for each group plan member, up to 6 members. Additionally, you can make international calls from the U.S. to 50+ countries and territories at no additional cost.


  • Fixed pricing that doesn't unexpectedly change.
  • Unlimited data.
  • Up to 22 GB of free, unmetered data. Data speed is slowed to 256 kbps after 22 GB of use per member (video speeds may be optimized to DVD-quality 480p). Learn how to get full data speeds.
  • Calls abroad from the U.S. to 50+ countries & territories at no additional cost.
  • 100 GB of Google One storage per member. 

Google One bundling

Fi’s Unlimited plan includes 100 GB of Google One storage at no additional cost. In group plans, each member receives their own 100 GB of storage. Learn more about Unlimited + Google One bundling.

Free calls abroad from the U.S. 

Important: This isn’t international roaming. Calls abroad from the U.S. means that you’re in the U.S. and you make a call to one of the countries listed. 

The Unlimited plan includes free calls abroad from the U.S. to 50+ countries and territories. You can also call 200+ other countries and territories at low rates.

Unlimited plan pricing

Unlimited plans are priced on a per-line basis. Each member of the plan pays the same rate, and that rate is determined by the number of people in the plan:

  • 1 person: $70 ($70 total)
  • 2 people: $60 per line ($120 total)
  • 3 people: $50 per line ($150 total)
  • 4 people: $45 per line ($180 total)
  • 5 people: $45 per line ($225 total)
  • 6 people: $45 per line ($270 total)

Frequently asked questions

When can I switch between plans?
You can request to switch plans at any time at fi.google.com or with the Google Fi app. The changes you make to your Fi billing plan take effect at the start of your next billing cycle. You can’t currently schedule a plan switch further out than the start of your next billing cycle. Learn how to switch your plan.
How often can I switch plans? 
You can request a change in your billing plan as many times as you want, but the change won’t take effect until the start of your next billing cycle. Currently, you can’t schedule to switch your plan further in advance than the start of your next billing cycle. 
How do Fi plans work with groups?

Group plans have the following differences from individual plans:

  • Only the group plan owner can switch plan types.
  • All members of a group plan must be on the same billing plan.
  • If the group owner switches billing plans, everyone in the group will switch over to the new plan at the start of the next billing cycle.
What happens to my Google One benefits if I switch from Unlimited to Flexible?
If you switch from the Unlimited plan to the Flexible plan, you’ll lose access to your Google One benefits 7 days after you switch. If you’d like to keep your Google One membership benefits, you’ll be notified that you can set up payment via Google One. After you switch, click the link in the pop-up notification to begin payment via Google One.
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