Why don't DS conversion stats match DCM stats?

The differences in conversion stats (such as actions, transactions, and revenue) between DoubleClick Search and DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) may be a result of the way DoubleClick Search handles conversion counts, Floodlight instructions, uploaded conversions, or DCM conversion updates.

Conversion counts

DoubleClick Search reports conversion count as the number of conversions, while DCM reports it as the sum of the quantity in all conversions. For example, if some quantities in your Floodlight transactions are greater than 1, you may see that the transaction counts in DS are smaller than the counts in DCM.

Floodlight instructions

DoubleClick Search applies Floodlight instructions to its reporting data, but DCM does not. One example of a Floodlight instruction is the currency instruction. Here's an example of how a currency instruction can affect data.

Floodlight instruction example: You have a United States account that mostly leads to sales in the US, but it occasionally results in sales on the Canadian website:

  • US website leads to sales of $2,000,000 USD.
  • Canadian website leads to sales of C$10,000 CAD.

How the total sales are calulated:

  • Floodlight instructions not applied (DCM) DCM adds $2,000,000 and C$10,000 for a total of $2,010,000. In other words, the C$10,000 is not converted to USD before the amounts are added together.
  • Floodlight instructions applied (DoubleClick Search): DoubleClick Search correctly converts the C$10,000. If the C$10,000 is converted to $9,600 USD, the correct total sales will be $2,009,600 USD

Uploaded conversions

Uploaded conversions were known as Insert transactions in the previous version of DoubleClick Search (DS). Insert transaction edits in DS were only applied to the DS data that got transferred as historical data to DoubleClick Search; these edits are not in DCM. As a result, the historical stats in DoubleClick Search don't match DCM.

If neither of these reasons apply, please follow up with your Technical Account Manager or email ds-support@google.com.

DCM 48-hour conversion window

DS receives its conversion data from DCM. DCM can update its conversion data for up to 48 hours after the time of conversion. In some cases, DS reporting will include the update. However, if DS does not include the update, there will be a discrepancy between DS and DCM in the reported number of conversions.