Create an insertion order

About insertion orders

An insertion order is a document containing a set of line items that are related to the same advertising campaign. Insertion orders may optionally contain frequency caps, pacing settings, partner costs, and default targeting criteria for line items. Line items in an insertion order share the same overall budget and are bound by the insertion order’s start and end dates.

In advertising, an insertion order (or, "IO") is the document that describes the terms for ad delivery on the internet or in other paid media, such as mobile applications.

Create an insertion order

Follow these steps to create a new insertion order.

  1. Open your advertiser in Display & Video 360.

  2. In the left menu, click Campaigns, then select an existing campaign or create a new one.

    Note you can't create new insertion orders in the system generated campaign.

  3. Click New insertion order.
  4. Choose an insertion order type: 
Real-time bidding

On the page that opens, enter the following information for your insertion order:

  1. Name for your insertion order.

  2. Budget information, including start and end dates.

  3. Pacing settings.

  4. Your insertion order's performance goal and optimization setting.

    About performance goals and optimization

    Your insertion order's performance goal is used to provide optimization recommendations, power automatic budget allocation (if it's turned on), and visualize performance against the goal you've set.


    What performance goals are available?
    • CPM: Target CPM you want to pay. 
    • CPC: Target cost per click you want to achieve.
    • CPA: Target cost per conversion you want to pay.
    • CTR: Target clickthrough rate you want to achieve.
    • Viewability %: Target viewability percentage you want to achieve.
    • CPIAVC: For video, this is a target cost per impression audible viewable on completion you want to achieve. 
    • Other…: Use this option to enter your own type of performance goal.

    Optimization types

    In addition to specifying your performance goal, you can also specify how you want Display & Video 360 to optimize your insertion order's bids and budget allocation:

    • Automate bid & budget at insertion order level: Use automated bid strategies and budget allocation to dynamically set your line items' bids and automatically shift your line items' budgets based on performance.

    • Control bid and budget at the line item level: Use this setting if you want to manually set your line items' bids and budgets. 

      • Automatically optimize your budget allocation: Use this setting to use automatic budget allocation to automatically shift your line items' budgets based on performance.

  5. The insertion order-level frequency cap.

  6. The inventory sources you want to buy inventory from.

  7. Any insertion order-level default targeting. This targeting will be used as default targeting for any new line items you subsequently create within your insertion order.​

Click Save when you've entered all the information above.


Learn more about how to create a story insertion order by following the instructions here


Learn more about how to create a TV Insertion order by following the instructions here

You're now ready to add line items to this insertion order to bid on impressions.

Insertion order statuses

Insertion orders may have one of the following statuses, which control whether or not an insertion order's line items can bid on inventory:

  • Active insertion orders are eligible to spend their budgets via any active line items associated with the insertion order.
  • Paused insertion orders can't spend their budgets, even if any line items associated with the insertion order are active. Please note, if you pause your insertion order, it can take several hours for the system to halt your ads completely. At this point, you won't accrue any more costs.

Set an insertion order to "Deleted" in order to delete the insertion order and stop all of its line items from running.

Once you delete an insertion order, both the insertion order and any line items associated with the insertion order are gone forever and can't be un-deleted. However, both the insertion order and its line items will be available in reports that include historic data.

Duplicate an insertion order

To use existing insertion orders as templates for new ones, select the checkboxes next to the insertion orders you want to copy, then select Actions > Duplicate. The duplicated insertion orders will contain copies of the original insertion orders' line items.

Duplicated insertion orders will be paused by default to prevent unintended delivery. However, the duplicated line items within a duplicated insertion order will have the same status as the original line items.

You can't duplicate insertion orders in the system generated campaign.
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