Inventory source targeting

An inventory source is an exchange or private deal that supplies buyable impressions to your line items. Unclassified inventory is inventory that is not classified into a targetable inventory source.

To purchase or exclude impressions from specific inventory sources, you have to set inventory source targeting for your line items. If you don’t set any inventory source targeting, your line item will target open auction inventory on all enabled exchanges by default. Deals are only targeted when you add the deal itself or deal group to targeting. 

Learn about Display & Video 360's supported exchanges.

Target public inventory

Use the Public Inventory section to target open auction or sub-exchange inventory. Open auction represents an exchange's inventory as a whole.

A sub-exchange is a subset of exchange inventory that has been categorized in Display & Video 360 to make inventory targeting and reporting easier. Sub-exchanges may not be available for all exchanges.

App mediation partners

Starting in April, 2024 inventory purchased via app mediation partners will incur a fee, in addition to the Display & Video 360 partner fee. Advertisers will clearly see the fee amount and be asked to accept the fee in Display & Video 360. Advertisers who do not accept the fee will be opted-out and will not be charged.

App mediation partners give Display & Video 360 advertisers more control and access to mobile app inventory. Custom integrations with third-party app mediation partners provide Display & Video 360 with more inventory, better signals, and real-time bidding mediation, so advertisers can efficiently bid on high quality app inventory.

To change your app mediation partner settings at the partner level navigate to your partner and select Partner Settings > Basic Details > Exchanges.

App mediation partners are available as an inventory source in partner, insertion order, or line item targeting settings under Public inventory. Advertisers can target individual app mediation partners, and assess performance for each partner in reporting. App mediation partners are available for open auction, display, and video inventory.

Exchanges available via app mediation partners

Target private deals and inventory packages

If private deals (sometimes called "direct deals") have been set up for your advertiser, you can use the Deals and Inventory Packages section on the inventory source targeting page to target your line items to specific private deals. Note: Any private deals that were configured for your advertiser on Google Ad Manager will be added automatically to your advertiser's private deals.

Additionally, use the Deals and Inventory Packages sections to target your line items to specific inventory packages. Learn more about Inventory Packages

Frequently asked questions

If I exclude an entire exchange in the "Public Inventory" section, will I be blocking any private deals facilitated on the exchange?
  • No. Public inventory controls are completely separate from private deals.
Can I see my deals' CPM floors or rates, flight dates, etc?
  • Sometimes. This data is entered into Display & Video 360 when each deal is set up, and sometimes this information isn't available for a given deal when the deal is added to Display & Video 360.

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