System maximums and limits

DFP enforces various limits and maximums on the entities you create. Keep the following limits in mind when setting up your inventory and orders.

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Ad unit codes
Ad unit codes can be up to 100 characters in length and must be unique. Only letters, numbers, underscores, hyphens, periods, asterisks, forward slashes, backslashes, exclamation marks, left angle brackets, colons and parentheses are allowed.

Ad units per placement: 1000

Ad units per ad exclusion: 1000

  • Pre-defined values per key: 200
  • Free-form values per key: 100,000
  • Characters per custom targeting key: 10
  • Characters per custom targeting value: 40
  • Key-value characters per ad tag: 2000

Learn more about pre-defined key-values


URL length limit: 2083 characters


Line items per order: 450 (regardless of status, including archived line items)

Line items

  • Active line items: 61,000
  • Creatives per line item: 260
  • Targeted criteria per line item: 800 More information on the targeted criteria limit

    In general, what you see in the targeting expression counts toward the limit. A few notes on more complex targeting:

    • Placement Targeting: Each placement counts as one targeting criteria, even if the placement itself contains more than one ad unit.
    • Day/Time targeting: If you are using day/time targeting, the contiguous active blocks for each day of the week count as one criteria toward the total targeting criteria limit.

      If you had a line item running from 3pm-7pm each day, It would count as 7 targeting criteria (one targeting parameter times seven days). If you had a line item with 11am-1pm and 2pm - 5pm blocks on weekdays, it would count as 10 targeting criteria (2 active blocks for each day of 5 days).

    • Frequency capping: Does not count toward the targeting criteria limit.
    • Custom Criteria: Each key-value pair counts as one targeting criteria toward the limit. If the expression uses match types, like key is not ~value*, each key to match type value is counted as one targeting criteria toward the limit.

    Let’s look at two examples with the following targeting:

    Example 1

    • Line item targeting:

      • Ad Unit: 300x250Web
      • Custom Criteria: (cat=Education AND art_id=123) OR color=blue OR env=test OR clubcode=XYZ
      • Geography: United States
    • Count:
      Ad Unit (1) + Custom Criteria (5) + Geography (1) = 7 targeted criteria

    Example 2

    • Line item targeting:

      • Placement: BannerROS
      • Custom Criteria: (cat=Education OR cat=Sports OR cat=Business) AND (color=blue OR color=green) AND (topic is not ~politics*)
      • Day/time: 3pm-7pm each day of the week
    • Count:
      Placement (1) + Custom Criteria (6) + Day/Time (7) = 14 targeted criteria

  • Free-form values per key: 100,000
  • Characters per line item name: 255

Creative asset size: 1 million bytes


Report data (viewable in DFP)

Saved reports

  • Daily reports: saved for 90 days
  • Weekly reports: saved for 9 months
  • Monthly reports: saved for 1 year

Entities per team: 3000

Custom fields
  • Custom fields per location: 30
  • Values per drop-down custom field: 300
Limits on rapid creation

DFP monitors networks to ensure that technical glitches aren't causing runaway creation of orders, line items, creatives, ad units, placements, or advertisers. In such cases, to protect your network, DFP places a temporary limit on the creation of new items.

For example, if an external program that uses the DFP API to connect to your network is creating thousands of new orders in a very short time period, it's probably an error. These temporary limits can be imposed even if the rapid creation hasn't violated any of the numerical limits listed above. We'll work with you to resolve the problem and get your network back in working order.

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