Manage key-value system limits

For effective and timely reporting, the system requires that publishers adhere to strict limits. To monitor your network's limits in Ad Manager, click Admin and then Global settings and then Limits.

Item Limit Notes
Reportable key-values 30,000

You'll receive an error message when over the limit. Until you fall below the limit, you'll be unable to:

  • Add new reportable keys
  • Add values in existing reportable keys
  • Add dynamic values in targeting when creating a line item
Custom dimensions 10 Make sure you plan your custom dimensions carefully. Deleting custom dimensions at a later date might affect your network negatively.
Custom dimension key-values

20,000 (Google Ad Manager 360)

5,000 (Google Ad Manager)

Calculated by multiplying the number of values in each custom dimension key. For example:

  • Key A has 10 values, Key B 15, and Key C 20
  • The value against the limit is 3,000, or 10 x 15 x 20

Remove keys from reporting to get under the limit

If you're over the "Reportable key-values" limit of 30,000, the easiest way to get under the limit is to remove keys from reporting.

  1. In Ad Manager, click Inventory and then Key-values.
  2. Select the check boxes next to the keys you want to remove.
    Keys that are currently in reporting have a value of "On" or "Custom dimension" in the "Reportable" column.
  3. Click Exclude from reporting.

Any values included in reports before you remove a key will remain in historical reports for the time they were active. If you remove a key and later re-activate it, values are omitted from reports for the time the key was deactivated.

If you deactivate a targeting key, it is also removed from reporting.

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