"Chrome OS verification is turned off" message

By default, Chromebooks are set to the normal user mode. If you’ve set the user mode to developer mode instead, you’ll see a screen with the message “Chrome OS verification is turned off” when you start up. Use the developer mode if you want to test your own version of the Chrome operating system.

Press Ctrl+D to enter developer mode. If you press the space bar instead, you'll see a screen asking to recover your device.

Switch back to normal mode

If you want to switch back to the normal mode, just flip the user mode switch on your Chromebook. Consult the help information provided by your Chrome device manufacturer to locate this switch.

See instructions for the Cr-48 Chromebook
  1. Shut down your Chromebook.
  2. Turn the Chromebook over and remove the battery.
  3. With the battery cavity facing you, look in the top right of the cavity next to the battery connector and locate a small piece of black tape.
  4. Remove the tape, and with a thin object like a paperclip, move the white developer switch so that it's away from the battery connector.
  5. Put the battery pack back and turn on the Chromebook.
  6. Start up your Chromebook. The system will now transition back to normal user mode. Once the transition is complete, your Chromebook will automatically restart.

Follow the instructions on the screen to set up your Chromebook again. See detailed setup instructions

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