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Offline billing FAQs

The page is for customers who purchased Chrome OS devices from Google between June 1, 2012 and September 1st 2013. If you purchased your devices outside of this timeframe, contact your sales representative with billing questions.

Invoices and Billing

How will I be billed? How and when do I receive my invoice?

Invoices are sent out after your order is shipped. Depending on the date of the order, invoices are either sent out the day after shipment or the 1st of the following month. Invoices are emailed to your billing contact and your order contact referenced on the order form, which you fill out with your sales representative. Contact your sales representative for more details.

What payment method do you accept?

At this time, we accept check or electronic funds transfer / wire transfer. Refer to your invoice for the specific details. We are looking to expand our payment options in the future.

How is Value Added Tax (VAT) charged in Europe?

Google will charge VAT at 0% when you provide your VAT registration number during your purchase. It is then your responsibility to account for any VAT that is due in your country. If a VAT registration number is not provided, then Irish VAT at the standard rate will be charged. (Each European customer is responsible for providing this information to Google at the time of purchase.)

Chrome OS devices that are replaced free of charge while under support with Google are not subject to VAT.

If your organization has tax-exempt status and you have an exception from sales tax, please contact your sales representative. Google will require the necessary documentation to demonstrate your tax-exempt status.

How do I change my billing contact or address?

To change your contact information, contact your sales representative for assistance, or send an email to:

If this change will take place only on your next order (if it does not effect your current order), there is no need to contact anyone. However, if you need to change this information immediately for your current order, be sure to contact your sales representative to confirm the change.

What if my invoice is incorrect or needs to be adjusted?

Please review your invoice as soon as you receive it. If you believe a correction needs to be made, be sure to contact us before the due date specified on your invoice. Contact your sales representative or send an email as soon as possible to the following address so that we can help you fix it:

What happens after I place my order? How do I track it?

Once we process your order, typically in 4-6 business days, you'll receive a welcome email that confirms your order and gives you the steps to access the Google Workspace control panel and set up your Chrome OS devices.

Once your order has shipped, your company's shipping contact (set up during your ordering process) will receive an email with the tracking number. Please follow up with your sales representative for any questions.

If I have questions about ordering and billing, who do I contact at Google?

For any additional billing inquiries, please contact:

What is the return policy and process? What if I receive a damaged Chrome OS device?

We don't accept Chrome OS device returns. However, if you receive a damaged device and want to return it, please contact Google Cloud support for information on how to return your Chrome OS device and acquire a replacement.

Important: Before signing for receipt of any Chrome OS device, please make sure you inspect the package for obvious damage. If the packing material is visibly damaged, please do not accept or open the package. Once you accept the package, please open it immediately and visually inspect the Chrome OS device.

If you receive a replacement Chrome OS device but fail to return your defective device, there is a maximum $600 charge if the old Chrome OS device is not returned within 45 days of requesting a replacement.

My Chrome OS devices have not yet arrived. How can I change or cancel an order that's in process?

Please contact your sales representative for assistance.

Technical Support

What are my technical support options? Does my monthly fee cover support costs?

Refer to the Get support page for information about your options.

How do my Chrome OS device users receive technical support?

Users can access online help for Chrome OS devices through the Chrome OS Device Help Center. Help content is accessible for users when they first open their Chrome OS device and through a Help link on the Chrome browser.

If your Chrome OS device users cannot find an answer to one of their questions through the Chrome OS Device Help Center, they should contact the Help Desk at your company for assistance.

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