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Transfer your Chrome Enterprise account to a reseller

Applies to standalone Chrome Enterprise Upgrade subscriptions in your Google Admin console.

If Google bills you directly for your Chrome Enterprise Upgrade subscription, you can transfer account management to a Google reseller. A reseller can manage your account for your organization and provide services, such as deployment, support, and work transformation. Find an authorized reseller in your area with the Google Partner Directory.

How transfers work

Once you transfer your account to the reseller, contact the reseller for options and pricing.
Your reseller might already be displayed in your Admin console. If not, to transfer to a reseller, you must already manage billing through your Admin console.
  • Your account enters a trial period and details are emailed to your super administrator.
  • Transfers are irreversible.
  • They don't automatically transfer the associated Cloud Billing account.
  • Nor do they affect your data or availability. (You can use Google services as usual during a transfer.)

Reseller access

When you transfer your account, your reseller has the ability to add or remove users, update user passwords, and edit organizational units, and manage other settings. For more information about a reseller's access to your account, including restricting access, go to Google reseller access.

Billing after the transfer

After your reseller completes the transfer, the account becomes a new subscription. You are billed by your reseller, not Google.

If your transfer is complete any day other than the first of the month, you receive 2 bills for that month:

  • One from Google, for the dates before the transfer
  • One from the reseller, for the dates starting when your transfer was complete

After that, you only receive one bill from the reseller.

The billing impacts of the transfer depend on your previous billing plan. For more information, contact your reseller.

Annual Plan closeout charges

Annual Plan (Monthly Payments)

You are charged directly by Google until the transfer date. The final charge is calculated on a prorated basis.

Annual Plan (Yearly Payments)

When transferred, you do not receive a refund for the prepaid period of service.

Upgrade quantity requirements

A new subscription must have a number of upgrades greater than or equal to the previous commitment. For example, if their current commitment is 200 user upgrades, you can’t reduce the commitment to 150 user upgrades during the transfer.

Exceptions: For subscriptions on an Annual Plan and within 30 days of the end of their term, you can a reduce tehe number of upgrades.

30-day free trials

If a subscription is in a 30-day trial, you can transfer to either:
  • A 30-day trial managed by the reseller
  • A new subscription managed by the reseller

If you completed a 30-day trial, you can only transfer into a new, reseller-managed subscription.

Transfer your account to a reseller

You need to generate a transfer token to authorize a reseller to take over management of your account. If you have multiple Google Workspace subscriptions and you want to transfer only some of them, you still need to generate a token.

Before you begin: Ask the reseller for their 9-character public identifier.

  1. Sign in to the customer's account, and then go to Retrieve Transfer Token.
  2. Enter your reseller public identifier and click Confirm Reseller Identifier.

    The "enter reseller public identifier" dialog is shown

  3. Click Generate Transfer Token.
  4. The customer is now ready for transfer to your account. Note: you don't need to copy the transfer token. 

Note: Transfer tokens expire after 30 days. 

Troubleshoot transfer issues

If the reseller can’t complete the transfer, sign in again and repeat the steps above. Transfer issues can happen if:

  • Your token expires. Tokens expire 30 days after being generated.
  • You make any changes to your subscriptions (such as canceling a subscription) after generating the token but before the reseller completes the transfer.

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