Using My Business Provider

My Business Provider allows you to upload business data to generate verification codes and lets you view metrics related to tokens you've already generated.

My Business Provider can be accessed at Access is controlled by users listed as program owners. 

View activity metrics

You can view the overall claim status for verification tokens by creation time. You can also view specific details about each verification token. And you have the option to refine the activity metrics by multiple criteria:

  1. Creator email address: The user that generated the token.
  2. Expire time: The specific date the verification token expires.
  3. Location: The address and other details that describe how a business would look like on Google Maps.
  4. Label: The batch label given to the CSV file that the token was generated from.
  5. Create time: The time a specific verification token was created.
  6. Name: Unique name of the verification token.
  7. Claim status: Describes whether a verification token was claimed.

You can export the activity metrics by clicking on More More at the top corner of the table and selecting Download as CSV.

Submit CSV files

Within My Business Provider, you can directly request verification codes by uploading a CSV file.

Generate a single token

Within My Business Provider, you can immediately generate a single token.

Manage access

Users who don’t have access to view Program information in My Business Provider can request permission directly through My Business Provider. These requests are sent to program owners for approval.

To add, remove, or change permissions for users:

  1. Sign in to My Business Provider.
  2. Click Add users Add people in the top right corner.
  3. Enter the email address of the user you'd like to invite.
  4. Click Edit Edit to set permissions for the user you're adding.
  5. Click Send.

The access management page has the following permissions for various account management activities:

Activity Is owner Can edit Can view
View admins and members    
Add, remove, or edit admin and member permissions    
See the activity that was attributed to the program for all program members
Generate verification tokens  

Contact us

If you need help with My Business Provider, contact your Google partner manager.

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