Maximum number of listings per account

If you haven't been bulk verified, there's a limit to the number of business listings you can create per Google Account in a given time period. This limit exists to help maintain the integrity of listings on Google.

Additionally, you can own a maximum of 100 listings created prior to October 2017 (including Google+ brand pages and YouTube channels). However, there's no maximum limit for listings created from October 2017 onwards. You can own any number of listings created from October 2017 onwards.

Manage the limit

If you need to consolidate more than 100 listings created prior to October 2017 in one Google Account, you have two options to reduce the number of listings:

  • Remove listings from your account. Choose this option if you no longer wish to manage a listing from your account.
  • Transfer ownership of some listings to a different Google Account. Choose this option if you’d like to manage these listings from a different Google Account.

Some businesses can also request bulk verification. Choose this option if you manage ten or more businesses in the same chain. Bulk verification removes the limit of 100 for accounts. Businesses with fewer than 10 locations, service area businesses, and agencies managing multiple businesses are not eligible for bulk verification.

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