[GA4] Google Merchant Center integration

This article is for website owners who want to link their Merchant Center account to the Analytics property for their website.

Benefits from the integration


If you leave auto-tagging enabled, then your Analytics reports categorize Merchant Center traffic with the following dimension values:

  • Source platform: Shopping Free Listings
  • Source: Google
  • Medium: Organic
  • Campaign: Shopping Free Listings
  • Default Channel Group: Organic Shopping

These dimension values let you see how many of your users, sessions, and events originated from Google Merchant Center organic-search clicks, along with the number of clicks, the number of key events, and the total revenue that you can attribute to organic-search clicks.

The srsltid parameter is appended to links generated by Google Merchant Center in organic shopping results (e.g., www.example.com?srsltid=123xyz). Learn more about auto-tagging in Merchant Center.

Learn more about traffic sources, manual tagging, and auto-tagging

Key event export

Analytics exports key event to Merchant Center. Your purchase and in_app_purchase key events that result from organic-search clicks are exported from Analytics to Merchant Center and become available in Merchant Center reporting. Merchant Center key event reporting will use the attribution model configured in your linked Google Analytics 4 property.


Integration between Merchant Center accounts and Google Analytics 4 properties is many to many:

  • You can link multiple Merchant Center accounts (including multi-client accounts) to a single Analytics property. Each Merchant Center account appears as a unique link in Analytics. You cannot link both a multi-client account and a child account of that Merchant Center account to the same Analytics property.
  • You can link multiple Analytics properties to a single Merchant Center account (including multi-client accounts). Each Analytics property appears as a unique link in Merchant Center.


To initiate the link-creation process, you need either the Editor role in Analytics or Admin access in Merchant Center. If you have both permissions, you can complete the linking process from either Analytics or Merchant Center.

Create links in Analytics

  1. In Admin, under Product links, click Merchant Center Links.
  2. In the link table, click Link.
  3. If you are an Admin for one or more Google Merchant Center accounts, in the row for Link to Merchant Center accounts I manage, click Choose account, then select the account you want to link your property to.
  4. Click Confirm.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Under Enable auto-tagging, choose to enable auto-tagging for the Merchant Center account or to leave the auto-tagging settings as they are.
  7. Click Next, then review and submit your configuration settings.

Create links in Merchant Center

Learn more about how to create links from the Merchant Center interface using either the classic or Next experience:

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