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About app promotion ads

There are a few different ad formats for promoting your mobile app with AdWords. Based on the network where you'd like to run your ads, there are defaults that are optimised to achieve your goals. In this article, we'll cover which type of app promotion ad to use based on your goals.

Before you start

Before creating an app promotion ad, review the advertising policies for these ads.

Where app promotion ads can appear

App promotion ads can be shown on, Google Play, YouTube, Display Network mobile websites and within other apps. However, these ads can only show in countries where paid app content is available. To find out more about where each type of campaign can run, see the overview of promoting your mobile app with AdWords.

You can create campaigns to drive app downloads or increase app engagement on the following networks:

  • Search Network: Google search on mobile, the Google app and Google Play search
  • Display Network: Google's network of publisher websites on mobile and mobile apps
  • YouTube: The YouTube app on mobile devices.

These types of campaigns provide much more control over your targeting, bids, ads and budget. To decide which type of campaign is right for your app, find out about the feature differences between app promotion campaigns.

Bear in mind

For app promotions ads, we can use your app ID and package name to help customise how the ad appears. For image ads, they’ll only show the image that you upload to AdWords.

Types of app promotion ads

App promotion ads come in a variety of types and formats.

App install ads

The most common type of app promotion is the app install ad (formerly click-to-download ads). App installs campaigns use these ads to effectively drive downloads: much of the customisation is done for you. These ads include an "Install" button, and link to your app's listing on Google Play or the Apple app store.

You can run these ads across the Search, Display and YouTube Networks using the "Mobile app installs" campaign sub-type, or the Universal App campaign type. 

App engagement ads

App engagement ads act as a second step in building a loyal user base for your app. These ads encourage your existing users to jump back into your app and take action. Usually, these ads include a call-to-action button that deep links into your app. This means people can open your app straight from your ads. If someone doesn't have your app and sees one of these ads, they'll be cued to download it before continuing to your deep link.

These ads can only run on the Search and Display Networks. More details

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