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About TrueView for app install campaigns

Starting October 16, 2017, you'll no longer be able to create new app install campaigns using the Search, Display, or Video campaign types. Universal App will become the only campaign type available for promoting installs of your app.

Starting November 15, 2017, your ads will no longer be served for any app install campaign that isn’t Universal App. You'll be able to access historical performance data in your AdWords reports. To ensure your app ads continue to serve, upgrade your app install campaigns to Universal App campaigns before November 15, 2017.

On YouTube, you can show video ads to reach people who are interested in content related to your app. TrueView for app installs campaigns can help boost awareness of your app with engaging content that grabs your customers’ attention at just the right moment.

Before you begin

Learn more about mobile app promotion in general before diving into video-specific campaigns.

How it works

With TrueView for app installs, you can run TrueView video discovery and in-stream ad formats. Your ads will appear on YouTube mobile and tablet apps. You can define device settings, specific placements where you'd like your ads to appear, and other targeting settings to find the right audience.

Choose your app

For TrueView for mobile app promotion campaigns, we’ll ask you to enter the name of the app you want to promote and your YouTube video, so we can send people to the appropriate app store to download your app straight from your ad.

Note: The Android version of an app is different from the iOS version. Targeting and conversion tracking will depend on the operating system of the app you select.

Video ads for your app

In your “TrueView for mobile app installs” campaign, the ad you create is linked to the app store for your app, so people can install your app directly from your video ad. You can show ads in formats that are optimized for app promotion. The app name, icon, price, and ratings are shown next to the video ad and visible in the ad preview.

Set bids for video views

You can choose between 2 bidding options when you create your campaign.

  • Target CPA: You set the amount you're willing to pay per install, and AdWords automatically sets bids to give you as many conversions as possible at your target cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

There are many cases in which users convert after watching less than 30 seconds of a video ad. To help you bid more efficiently for these users, AdWords will try to find people likely to engage with your ads by interacting with your video (such as clicking “Install”), or watching at least 10 seconds of your video ad, whichever comes first. To bid more efficiently for these viewers, AdWords will charge you for impressions of your ads using cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) billing.

If someone watches at least 10 seconds of your video ad and later converts, that conversion will only be counted if it happens within 48 hours. If someone converts after clicking your ad, that conversion will be counted if it happens during the conversion window for that conversion type. For example, app downloads are counted if they happen within 30 days of the user clicking the ad.

  • Maximum CPV: Your bid amount is the most you want to pay for someone to view your ad (cost-per-view), which influences how your ad is ranked.

Learn more about target CPA bidding for video ads

Targeting ads on YouTube

“TrueView for mobile app installs” campaigns allow you to reach people on YouTube who view content relevant to your app, or who have interests related to your app.

Learn more about targeting options for video campaigns

Keep in mind

Your ads will only run on YouTube mobile and tablet apps. They won’t run on desktop, the YouTube mobile website, or on partner video sites in the Display Network.

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