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Create a Search Network app installs campaign

Starting October 16, 2017, you'll no longer be able to create new app install campaigns using the Search, Display, or Video campaign types. Universal App will become the only campaign type available for promoting installs of your app.

Starting November 15, 2017, your ads will no longer be served for any app install campaign that isn’t Universal App. You'll be able to access historical performance data in your AdWords reports. To ensure your app ads continue to serve, upgrade your app install campaigns to Universal App campaigns before November 15, 2017.

On the Search Network, you can show app install ads to people while they're looking for an app like yours on the Google search app, or Google Play (Android only). Search Network campaigns are a great way to connect with people who are actively looking to download an app like yours.

Before you begin

To learn how "Search Network only - mobile app installs" campaigns work read about these campaigns

How to create your app install campaign

  1. Sign in to AdWords.
  2. On the "Campaigns" tab, click the +Campaign drop-down menu, and select Search Network only.
  3. Add a name for your campaign. To help you find your campaign later, you might want to indicate in the name that this is an app install campaign.
  4. Choose the campaign type Mobile app installs — Ads encouraging people to download your mobile app.
  5. Select the app you’d like to promote from the drop-down menu, or click Add a new app... to enter a new one.
  6. Under "Networks", you'll see that your ad will appear on the Google Search Network, including search partners. For Android apps, your ad will also appear in Google Play Search results. 
  7. In the "Devices" section, you'll see that your ad will only appear on compatible mobile devices and operating systems. 
  8. Enter your preferred location and language settings. 
  9. Under “Bid Strategy,” your recommended default bid will depend on the operating system and app store for your app. For iOS apps, this will be "Maximize clicks". For Android, your default will be "Target CPA". 
  10. Enter your daily budget.
  11. Select any other settings you'd like for your campaign.
  12. Click Save and continue.

Create your new ad group

  1. On the ad group page, enter the name of the ad group. You  might want to include a descriptive name so you know what makes this ad group different from others you create for this app campaign.  
  2. Create your ad. Enter your headline, description lines and final URL. App installs ads can automatically pull in your app icon and reviews from your app store. Note: Sometimes these ads may not show any of your provided text.
  3. If your app is optimized for smaller screens, you can check the box next to "Exclude tablets."
  4. Enter keywords for your app install ads. Keywords for “Mobile app installs” campaigns are optimized for targeting app-specific searches.
  5. Click Save and continue.
  6. Provide the required resources and information to create your app install ad and click Finish.
  7. You can create more app install ads for your campaign by clicking the "+" sign. When you’re done creating your ads, click Save and continue.
  8. If you’ve already set up conversion tracking for your campaign, it should appear under “Conversion tracking”. If not, you can edit your conversion settings by clicking Manage conversions.
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