About mobile app installs campaigns

  • Mobile app installs campaigns are geared specifically toward getting more people to download your app.
  • AdWords can help customize targeting, keywords, and ads based on your app ID and other information.
  • You can easily gauge your campaign's performance by tracking installs as conversions.
Mobile app install ad

Promote your app with campaigns to drive downloads

With "Mobile app installs" campaigns on the Search and Display Networks, and "TrueView for mobile app promotion" on YouTube, you can create custom app install ads that run exclusively on phones and tablets. AdWords helps create your app install ads based on your app icon and reviews, and these ads take people straight to the app store to download your app.

Based on the mobile operating system for the app you choose, AdWords can find your most likely customers and focus on showing ads to people who don't have your app yet. Connecting your AdWords account to your Google Play Developer account makes this even easier: you can sync user lists and targeting, and track installs seamlessly. See how to link to your Google Play Developer account


When more people download your app, you could improve your app store ranking, which in turn can result in even more people downloading your app.

Differences between campaign types

Mobile app installs campaign

Keep in mind

It takes a little while for AdWords to find the best targeting to meet your Target CPI.

Universal app campaign

  • Why use it: Simplify your app install campaign management. Promote your Android app across multiple networks within a single campaign.
  • Bid strategy: Target CPA
  • Where ads can show: Google Play, Google search, YouTube and Display Network publisher websites and mobile apps.
  • Ad formats: Drive users to your app's listing in the Google Play Store. Provide lines of text to generate ads and we do the rest.
  • Learn more about Universal app campaigns


If you’re interested in encouraging people to re-open your app, you can create a mobile app engagement campaign. For app engagement ads, you can track actions within your app, such as product purchases or levels reached, as well as conversions. Learn about increasing mobile app engagement

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