Reach Valuable Customers with RLSA, Customer Match, and Similar Audiences

Official guide to audiences, customer match and remarketing lists forAdWords.

By using Customer Matchremarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) and similar audiences in AdWords, you can better connect with your most valuable customers. Create an audience strategy following the advice in this guide.

1. Power your search and Shopping campaigns with audience signals

  • Connect audience signals with your search and Shopping strategy.

Why: Past customers and visitors are more likely to convert.

  • Generate your lists from both site visitors and customer data.

Why: RLSA, Customer Match, and similar audiences complement one another and help you cast a wider net to reach all of your most important audiences.

Get started: Create a remarketing list to add to an ad group.

  • Identify segments of visitors that you want to treat differently.

Why: You can change bids, messaging, and ways of reaching those audiences.

  • Make audience lists specific without being overly segmented.

Why: Each audience you create has the potential to increase your management overhead.

  • Apply negative targeting sparingly.

Why: Excluding an audience removes your ability to cross-sell and nurture customers over longer time frames.

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2. Maximize engagement when applying your lists

  • Use “Bid only” to account for different values of audiences.

Why: Adjusting bids for audiences is quick and easy when using “Bid only.”

  • Set bid adjustments that will drive substantially more volume from your audience lists.

Why: Audience-based campaigns convert at over twice the rate of non-audience campaigns.1

Get started: Apply a bid adjustment to your remarketing list.

  • Apply audiences at the campaign level to maximize your reach.

Why: One campaign-level bid adjustment allows for easy reporting and optimization.

  • Deploy broader match types and keyword selection.

Why: Audience lists are pre-qualified, so you can increase your reach with more permissive targeting choices that are still relevant to your audience.

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3. Strengthen audience-based campaigns with other AdWords tools

  • Take advantage of automated bidding with audience lists.

Why: AdWords Smart Bidding considers audience list factors when setting auction-time bids.

Get started: Apply a Smart Bidding strategy to your remarketing campaign.

  • Couple audience lists with Dynamic Search Ads.

Why: Dynamic Search Ads reach users based on the content of your site. It becomes even more powerful if you know which set of users it’s reaching.

Get started: Create a Dynamic Search Ads campaign.

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1 Based on internal Google data.

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