How to sign up for AdSense

Follow these steps to get your AdSense account up and running:

Step 1. Create an AdSense account

The most important thing for success with AdSense is having a site with great content that delights your users—before you apply to AdSense, check that your site has interesting and original content. And of course, you need visitors too, or no one will see your ads, so make sure that people know about your site before you place ads on it. Learn how to create an AdSense account

Create an account

If your site is on one of our host partner sites (like Blogger or YouTube, among many others), you should sign up through your account there as these sites follow a different account creation process. Visit your host partner's Help Center for more information.

Step 2. Activate your AdSense account

Next, it's time for you to activate your AdSense account. To activate your AdSense account, complete the following tasks:

What happens next?

We automatically review your entire site to check it complies with our program policies and set up the rest of your account. When we've completed this process, we send you an email with details on your activation status. This process usually takes less than a day but sometimes it can take longer. Learn more about the waiting time for a fully activated AdSense account.

If your account is not activated at this stage, you'll receive an email explaining the reason(s) why and the possible actions you can take.

Next steps

Your AdSense account is now fully activated and you're ready to start showing ads. Learn how to set up ads on your site.

To help you run a successful AdSense account, we recommend you check out Your guide to AdSense.

If we can't activate your AdSense account

There are some situations when we won't be able to activate your AdSense account. Depending on why we couldn't activate your account, you might be able to take action and resume the activation process. See the sections below for more information.

Why was my AdSense application disapproved?

Your AdSense account can't be activated because your site doesn't follow the AdSense program policies

While reviewing your account, we notice that your site doesn't follow the program policies. If you’re able to fix the issues on your site then you may resume the activation process. Alternatively, you can choose to use a different site for AdSense and resume the activation process with that site instead.

Your AdSense account can't be activated because you have two AdSense accounts

While reviewing your account, we notice that you have another AdSense account. In this case, you need to close your other account. After you've closed your other account, you may resume the activation process.

For more information, see What to do if AdSense can't activate your account.

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