Activating your AdSense account

Enter your payment address details in AdSense

To complete the AdSense activation process you need to provide your payment address details. It's important that you enter this information correctly so that you can get paid.

How to enter your payment address details

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Complete the following fields in the "Payment address details" card:
    • Account type: Choose whether you want an "Individual" or a "Business" AdSense account.
      Note: There's no difference in the services or payment structure between individual and business accounts. Individual accounts are paid out to the payee name of the account holder, whereas business account payments are made payable to the company name.
    • Name: For individual accounts, enter your full name exactly as it appears on your banking information. For business accounts, enter your company's name in the "Business name" field and the contact name for your company in the "Name" field.

      See examples of name formats we can and can't accept:

      Acceptable format
      • Jane Smith
      Unacceptable formats
      • Jane S.
      • Jane
      • JaneSmith
      • Jane and John Smith
    • Address: Enter your full postal address.
      Note: You must be able to receive mail at this address. When your account balance reaches the verification threshold, we'll mail you a Personal Identification Number (PIN). You'll need to enter the PIN in your AdSense account before we can send you any payments.
    • Phone number: Enter a valid phone number.
  3. Click Submit.

Example payment address details

Here's an example to help you fill out the "Payment address details" card. Make sure provide your own address details accurately to conform with postal requirements in your location.

Example payment address details card

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