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How to sign up

The AdSense approval process has several steps - some on our end and some on yours. Click each step below to find out how to get approved:

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1. Submit your application

The most important thing for success with AdSense is having a website with great content that delights your users - before you apply to AdSense, check that your site has interesting and original content. And of course, you need visitors too, or no one will see your ads, so make sure that people know about your site before you place ads on it.

There are some rules about what kind of content is acceptable which you should read. We've also put together these helpful tips for application success. When you're ready:

Submit your application

If your website is on one of our host partner sites (like Blogger, YouTube, or Hubpages, among many others), you should sign up through your account there - these sites follow a different application process.
  2. Verify your information

We check the information in your application (your address, URL, etc.) and send you an email regarding the status of your application within one day.

If your application is not approved, you'll receive an email explaining the disapproval reason and the possible next steps that you can take.
3. Place ads on your site

Once we've verified your information, it's time for you to create your first ad unit and place the ad code on the URL that you provided in your application. Make sure to place your ad code on a webpage that receives traffic.

You'll only see blank ad units on your site until you've passed the second review and we fully activate your AdSense account. You'll also see a red bar across the top of your account saying that you're still under review.
  4. Review your account for approval

Once our systems detect that you've placed the ad code on a live page, we automatically continue the review process and check that your site complies with our policies. When we've completed the second review, we send you an email letting you know the status of your application. This process can take up to a week.

If your application is not approved at this stage, you'll receive an email explaining the disapproval reason and the possible next steps that you can take.
5. Approved account

Your AdSense account is now fully activated. The red bar across the top of your account is gone and within a few hours you’ll begin to see live ads.

We highly recommend that you take full advantage of Your guide to AdSense, which we’ve created to help you run a successful AdSense account.
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