Ingest video content into Ad Manager

This is the new version of content ingestion and metadata management for Video Solutions.
With this version, you can target and filter based on your metadata after ingestion, without having to manually map and activate the data. Line items targeting one or more CMS metadata sources take up to 24 hours to start delivering impressions.

You can view the migration guide, or contact your account manager for information.

You can no longer map key-values to content metadata.

The targeting picker doesn't allow you to save content key-values (mapped metadata) from the "Custom targeting" type menu (since March 1, 2022).

Publishers that need to work around this can either:

Ad Manager allows you to ingest video content, including information about your content, such as metadata keys and values. You can either target ads to videos based on this information, or group videos into bundles, and target ads to the bundles. 

For example, through content ingestion, Ad Manager can learn which of your videos are related to "sports" and allow you to target ads for athletic shoes to them. In addition, you can access valuable information in reports, broken down by your metadata.

Set up a video content source

To ingest and begin targeting ads to video content, you need to connect Ad Manager with your video content source, or content management system (CMS). With this setup, you define how to access the source, including authentication details, and how often you'd like Ad Manager to ingest and sync new content.

Before you set up a content source

Before you set up and connect to a content source:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Video and then Content sources and then New source.
  3. Enter a source name, which will only be displayed in Ad Manager.
  4. Select the content source Type.
  5. Enter your credentials for the selected type:

    • MRSS feed: the feed URL points to a feed of all videos.
    • Brightcove: Client ID, client secret, and account ID
    • Ooyala (legacy): API key and API secret
    Ad Manager requires your credentials in order to sync with the source and ingest metadata.
  6. Select your sync rule, which determines how often Ad Manager performs a sync with your content source:
    • Automatic: Refresh the newest content in the feed every few minutes for content that has a <lastModifiedDate> later than the time of the previous new content sync.
    • Manual: Refresh only when "Sync" is clicked from your content sources.
  7. Click Save.

Sample content from the source is displayed. Verify that the list contains the correct videos, and click Continue.

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