Target video content metadata

This is the new version of content ingestion and metadata management for Video Solutions.
With this version, you can target and filter based on your metadata immediately after ingestion, without having to manually map and activate the data.

You can view the migration guide, or contact your account manager for information.

Currently, you can no longer map key-values to content metadata via new line items or new proposal line items. With full deprecation, adding new entities will not be possible.

You can target video content based on ingested metadata immediately after ingestion. This type of targeting is available for line items, ad rules, and protections.

Target video line items based on CMS metadata

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Either create a video line item, or click Delivery and select an existing video line item to edit.
  3. With the line item open, click Settings.
  4. From the "Add targeting" section, click Custom targeting
  5. Click to Select... and choose CMS metadata.

    Here you have the option of adding metadata key-values. You can search by key or by value. The resulting "Selected criteria" that you'll be targeting is displayed as [key]:[value][(cmsMetadataId)].

  6. Click Save.
Metadata targeting for ad rules and protections is performed using the "CMS metadata" dimension in the targeting picker.
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