Create and edit video content bundles

This is the new version of content ingestion and metadata management for Video Solutions.
With this version, you can target and filter based on your metadata immediately after ingestion, without having to manually map and activate the data.

You can view the migration guide, or contact your account manager for information.

If your network has not yet migrated, you can continue to see instruction on how to map key-values to content metadata, but note that this will be deprecated later in 2020.

While you can target ads to individual videos based on the information ingested from your content management system (CMS), Ad Manager also allows you to group videos into bundles, and target ads to the bundles.

Bundles are dynamic, meaning that if any new video content is added to your feed that matches the rules set up in your bundles, they're automatically added to the bundle.

Every video content bundle displays videos included based on the rules you've specified, and allow you to manually exclude certain videos. The video content list page allows you to manually include content in a bundle.

Create a new content bundle based on a set of rules

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Video and then Content bundles.
  3. All of your existing video content bundles are displayed on this page.

    By default, 20 content bundles are shown, filtered by an "Active" serving status. You can remove or add filters to only view certain content bundles, and configure the page to display up to 100 videos.

  4. Click New content bundle  and configure your bundle rules to either include or exclude video content based on things like the video title, ID, or any ingested or custom content metadata.
  5. (Optional) Manually exclude content from the content bundle.

Only content with an "Active" serving status is displayed in content bundles.

Content bundle details page


 From this screen, you can:

  • (1) View and update the current serving status of this video content bundle
  • (2) Add or remove bundle rules to include or exclude video content from the bundle

    • Do not use quotes ("") within the filter criteria for your bundle rules.
    • You can split criteria using multiple OR/AND conditions, as necessary.
  • (3) View included and excluded video content

Manually include content in a content bundle


 From this screen, you can:

  • (1) Select one or more videos
  • (2) Click Include in bundle to add to an existing content bundle

Manually exclude content from a content bundle

 Shown is the option to manually exclude from the included videos. The same option is available for excluded videos.

 From this screen, you can:

  • (1) Select one or more videos included in the bundle
  • (2) Click Exclude from bundle to manually remove video content
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