Billing terms

Under your G Suite Flexible Plan you're billed monthly for each user account. You can add and remove accounts at any time and pay only for the accounts you use during that month. You can cancel service at any time without penalty.

Commitment None
Billing cycle Monthly
Monthly payment $10/user
Yearly total $120/user
Adding users At any time for additional monthly cost
Removing users At any time (reduces monthly cost)
Canceling service At any time with no penalty

How payments are calculated

You're billed for the service you use at the beginning of the following month. For example, if you purchase 7 user accounts, you're billed $70 (7 users X $10 per user) at the beginning of the following month. If you keep using only 7 accounts, you continue to be billed $70 each subsequent month, until you cancel your subscription.

If you add or remove users during any month, we prorate your payments. If you add a user on April 1 and delete them on April 15, we charge you for only half a month of service.

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