G Suite account migration after January 15, 2021

Starting January 15, 2021, we will no longer offer the G Suite (team-managed) product, and all users will need to switch to a different G Suite product. Your conversion options depend on whether you’re an administrator of a G Suite team, or use G Suite without belonging to a team.

Options for admins

If you’re an admin for a team-managed G Suite account, you have 3 options for converting your team-managed account:

  • If you take no action, your G Suite account will automatically convert to a 14-day trial subscription of G Suite Essentials on January 15, 2021. For a price comparison, see below. Learn more about G Suite Essentials.

    G Suite Essentials includes Google Meet; Drive; Docs, Sheets, and Slides; and administrative controls. It doesn’t include Google Hangouts (classic Hangouts), Jamboard, or Currents (formerly known as Google+). This means you will lose access to these services starting January 15, 2021 if you convert to G Suite Essentials.

  • Upgrade to a G Suite edition. Verify your domain to start using a managed G Suite edition. Managed G Suite editions include classic Hangouts, Jamboard, and Currents. For instructions, see Get advanced features for your domain.
  • Continue using Google services without G Suite. Users can continue signing in to their Google Accounts with their existing username and password.

Options for users who aren’t on a team 

  • If you take no action, your account will automatically convert to a personal account on January 15, 2021. You’ll still be able to sign into your account with your existing username and password, and you’ll retain access to your account data.

    When you convert to a personal account, your Google Currents data is not retained—make sure to copy your data before conversion.

  • Rejoin a team before January 15, 2021, if you want to upgrade to G Suite Essentials. Ask a team administrator if they are upgrading, and then ask them to add you to their team.

Frequently asked questions

If I switch my team-managed G Suite to another G Suite edition, what happens to my data?

All admin permissions and settings are retained. What happens to your team's data depends on the G Suite Edition you migrate to:

  • G Suite Essentials  Your team's data will be retained, except for Currents and Hangouts data (as G Suite Essentials doesn't include Currents or Hangouts). You and your team can create a copy of your data before migrating to G Suite Essentials.
  • Upgrade to G Suite  All team data, including classic Hangouts, Jamboard, and Currents data, will be retained, since these services are included in G Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise editions.
  • If your team converts to personal accounts, their data will be retained, except shared drive data and Currents data. To retain shared drive data, you or the shared drive owner can copy files and move them to your own My Drive before converting their accounts. Team members can also create a copy of their Google Currents data prior to converting their accounts.
Is G Suite Essentials more expensive?

G Suite Essentials price per user, after your 14-day trial period:

Current price per user per month New price per active G Suite Essentials user per month
(Unlimited storage)
(100GB per user, 2 TB pooled cloud storage)
Does G Suite Essentials have all the features in team-managed G Suite?

G Suite Essentials includes Google Meet for secure, enterprise-grade video conferencing; Google Drive for easy and secure access to all your content; Docs, Sheets, and Slides collaboration tools to enable teamwork; as well as administrative controls. 

G Suite Essentials does not include classic Hangouts , Jamboard, or Currents (formerly known as Google+). This means you will lose access to these services starting January 15, 2021. Create a copy of your account data to retain access to your personal data prior to the migrate to G Suite Essentials. G Suite Essentials has a Drive storage limit of 100 GB per user and 2TB of pooled Cloud Storage.

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