Migrate your organization’s data to G Suite

These migration guides will help you import your organization’s data, such as email, calendar, contacts, folders, files, and permissions, to G Suite.

Where is your data now?

Enterprise servers

Choose the server that has your old accounts.

Transformation Gallery

Collaboration tools

Choose the location of your collaboration documents.

Localize Help Center

File systems

Choose the location of your old files.

Microsoft Outlook®

For details, see Migrate from Outlook to G Suite.

Gmail or webmail accounts

Choose this option if your organization uses email in a web browser, such as:

  • Gmail.com
  • Webmail services that use POP3, such as Yahoo!®, Apple® iCloud®, and AOL®
  • Another G Suite account
  • Internet service providers (ISPs) that use IMAP, such as GoDaddy®, Rackspace®, 1&1®, or Bluehost®

For details, see Migrate from Gmail or webmail to G Suite.

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