Migrate your organization’s data to G Suite

These migration guides will help you move your organization’s data, such as email, calendar, contacts, folders, files, and permissions, to G Suite.

Where is your data now?


Enterprise servers

Choose the server that has your old accounts:

Collaboration tools

Choose the location of your collaboration documents:

File systems

For details, see Migrate data from file shares.

Microsoft Outlook

For details, see Migrate from Outlook® to G Suite.

Gmail or webmail accounts

Choose this option if your organization uses email in a web browser, such as:

  • Gmail.com
  • Webmail services that use POP3, such as Yahoo!®, Apple® iCloud®, and AOL®
  • Another G Suite account
  • Internet service providers (ISPs) that use IMAP, such as GoDaddy®, Rackspace®, 1&1 IONOS®, or Bluehost®

For details, see Migrate from Gmail or webmail to G Suite.

Choose the right tool for your business

For details, see the G Suite migration tools product matrix.

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