Turn an app on or off

You can turn a Google Marketplace app on for all users in your domain, turn it on for only certain departments or organizations, or turn it off for everyone, without removing it. If you want to permanently remove an app from your domain, delete the app.

  1. In the Admin console, click Apps then Marketplace apps.
  2. Click Action menu at the right of the app and select an option:
    • ON for everyone
    • ON for some organizations
    • OFF

    If you select On for some organizations, a dialog box shows your top-level domain name and the organizations within your domain. The Master setting slider lets you turn the app on or off for the domain as a whole, then make exceptions for specific organizations.

  3. Click the slider to make a Master setting for the app: on (right) or off (left).
  4. Click an organization to select it. You can then turn the app on or off for just that organization, regardless of the Master setting.
    • If you want the organization setting to be different from the master setting, click Override under the slider, then move the slider to the on or off position.
    • if the org’s setting is set to override the master setting, click Inherit to make it match the master setting.
  5. Click Apply, then confirm your choice in the next dialog.
  6. Close the dialog to return to the app Settings page.
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