Troubleshoot installation issues

G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook

Here's how to troubleshoot problems you might have when installing G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GSSMO). 

Try the Log Analyzer

Submit your trace files to our GWSMO Log Analyzer. Most issues can be identified within a few moments of your submission. Get details on where to find your trace files.

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Download and installation issues

Can't download GSSMO
Make sure that you're using a browser enabled with JavaScript. If you're still experiencing problems, see below for other solutions.
Installation fails

Installations usually fail because the version of Windows or Outlook doesn't meet the system requirements. Review the system requirements, install any necessary updates, and retry the installation.

If installation still fails, contact your domain administrator. Your administrator needs to enable certain settings in the Google Admin console before you can use GSSMO.

Installation or initial sync takes too long

If you meet the system requirements, installation should only a few minutes.

After the installation is finished, synchronization begins. If you're importing a lot of Exchange data to your Google Account, the initial synchronization can take up to 24 hours. However, you can begin using Outlook immediately. Learn more

Tried the solutions above and installation still fails
  • You might have incompatible add-ins for Outlook. Check your Microsoft documentation for information on enabling or disabling add-ins. 
  • Check if you're experiencing network traffic issues.
  • An anti-virus software or third-party application that has access to your Outlook .pst files can prevent GSSMO from working. Disable these applications. 

Note: Google Cloud Support can provide support for GSSMO, but not for Outlook or Windows.

Error messages

"Cannot register service" error

This issue is usually caused by installing Exchange Server management tools, which includes an incompatible version of MAPI32.DLL.

To fix the issue, uninstall the Exchange Server management tools. If that doesn't solve the problem, run fixmapi.exe.

"Cannot open your default email folders. The information store could not be opened"

This can occur after you change your Windows password. To fix the issue, you need to enter the new password in your GSSMO profile:

  1. On the Windows Start menu, go to GSSMO and then Delete saved GSSMO passwords.
  2. Open Outlook and then open your GSSMO profile. You'll be prompted to re-enter your password.

Deployment issues

Can't install the MSI file
Did you rename the MSI file after downloading it? If so, rename the .MSI file to exactly the same name as it was when it was initially downloaded. Then, try installing it again.

Are there known installation issues?

To find out, see Known Issues and look under Data migration and Device syncing.

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