Billing basics

Sign-up or upgrade

When you sign up for Google Apps for Business, you will automatically be granted a 30-day free trial. You need to have a domain name to use with your new Google Apps for Business account. If you do not already have a domain name, you can register a domain name through Google.

If you already have a Google Apps (free edition) account, you can upgrade to Google Apps for Business in your Dashboard and you will be granted a 30-day free trial.

As of December 6, 2012, Google no longer offers new accounts for the free edition of Google Apps. If you signed up for the free edition before December 6, 2012, you can continue to use it for free. Learn more.

30-day free trial

During the 30-day free trial period, you will need to set up a Billing and Payment plan in order to activate your paid subscription. You can cancel your 30 day free trial at any time before the trial end date. You can create up to 10 user accounts in the trial period.

It is important to set up a Billing and Payment plan before the end of your trial to avoid suspension. You will also need to verify a primary form of payment that will be used for automatic charging during your paid subscription period. Please note that different forms of payment have different verification times.

Payment plans

Two different payment plans are available. You will be charged at the beginning of each month in both plans.

  • Flexible Plan - You have the flexibility to add and delete user accounts at anytime. You will only pay for the service that you use during the month. You will be billed monthly.

  • Annual Plan - You are committing to Google Apps for a full year and get a discounted rate. You can add additional users anytime and will be billed on a monthly basis for a portion of the annual commitment.

Forms of payment

Two forms of payment may be used. Credit card payments are available to all Google Apps for Business customers. Depending on the location of your business, you may also pay by bank account withdrawal (direct debit).

Payment processing

Once you are in your paid subscription period and you have a valid primary form of payment specified, you will be charged automatically at the beginning of each month.

You can also pre-pay by making a manual payment to your account. The credit will be automatically debited at the beginning of each month, instead of your primary form of payment being automatically charged.

Purchase licenses

You can purchase additional licenses on the annual commitment plan, or you can create additional user accounts on the flexible plan.


You can select one of the various renewal options for the annual commitment plan, which will be applied on your subscription renewal date.


You can cancel your Google Apps for Business subscription at any time. If you cancel your annual commitment before the end of your subscription period, a closeout charge will be incurred.


If your automatic payment fails, your Google Apps for Business subscription may be suspended. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your payment forms are up to date and enabled in your account and/or that sufficient credit is available on the automatic charge date. If your account is suspended, you can lift your suspension by making a manual payment.