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YouTube Studio beta is the home for everything creators care about—all you need to manage your presence, grow your channel, interact with your audience, and make money. Some features are still being added to YouTube Studio. In the meantime, you can return to Creator Studio Classic for those features that are still being added.

Open YouTube Studio beta

You can go directly to or follow these steps to get to YouTube Studio beta: 

  1. Sign in to your channel at
  2. In the top right, select your profile picture .
  3. Select YouTube Studio (beta).​

Get around

Use the top of the screen in YouTube Studio beta to:

  •  Search your videos and go directly to a video detail page 
  •  Upload a new video or go live
  •  Get access to help
  •  Use your profile picture to visit your channel, return to YouTube, switch accounts, or sign out

Manage your channel

Use the left menu to manage your videos and channel.

  • Dashboard: Get a high-level overview of recent activity on your channel, along with what's new on YouTube. 
  • Videos: Find an overview of your videos and livestreams.
  • Analytics: Monitor the performance of your channel and videos with metrics and reports.
  • Comments: View and respond to comments on your videos. 
  • Monetization: (If eligible) Update merchandise and memberships settings.
  • Other features: Some features are still being added to YouTube Studio beta. Use this tab to return to Creator Studio Classic.

Manage your videos

In YouTube Studio beta, you’ll see different tabs in the left menu depending on whether you’re viewing your entire channel, or a specific video. You can choose a specific video by clicking on the video's title or thumbnail on the Videos tab, or by searching for the video.

  • Details: Make changes to your video’s title, description, and settings.
  • Analytics: See metrics only available at the video level, like audience retention.
  • Editor: Trim your videos and add end screens.
  • Comments: View and respond to comments on that video.
  • Translations: Add translated titles and descriptions to your videos.
  • Other features: Some features are still being added to YouTube Studio beta. Use this tab to return to Creator Studio Classic.

 Navigation tips

Switch between the video and channel levels

Some tools, like the video editor, only appear when you’ve selected a specific video. To see more options, try switching between the channel and video levels.

To view options at the video level, click on a video's title or thumbnail. To return to the channel level, select the back arrow in the top left corner of YouTube Studio beta.

Quickly open your channel or video

You can click on your channel icon or video thumbnail in the top left in YouTube Studio beta to quickly open your channel or video.

Search for your videos

Use the search bar at the top of YouTube Studio beta to find videos quickly. You can also find videos on the Videos tab. 

Hover over items to see more options

Play , analytics , and menu  icons will occasionally show when hovering over certain information in YouTube Studio beta.

  •  Play icons allow you to quickly view your video on YouTube.
  • Analytics icons let you jump to a particular video’s analytics.
  •  Menu icons reveal a number of actions you can take.

Get the latest updates

Select What’s new in the left menu to learn about recent updates to YouTube Studio beta. Check the Dashboard for updates from the YouTube Creators channel and the Creator Academy.

Get help

At the top of the screen, select the help icon .

Send feedback

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio beta.
  2. In the left menu, select Send feedback.
  3. Type in your feedback and select Send.
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