Intro to YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is the new home for creators. Here, you manage your channel, get insights that help you grow and stay updated with the latest news. YouTube Studio is replacing Creator Studio and brings with it many changes and new features. Learn how to navigate YouTube Studio.

New design

With YouTube Studio, it takes fewer clicks to perform top creator tasks, and tools are quicker to respond. The new design also means that YouTube can build creator features faster and more reliably.

More insights

YouTube Studio has many new tools for finding data and insights on your channel's performance.

  • The new YouTube Analytics design shows a clear overview of your performance, from your channel as a whole to each specific video. It also has new metrics, like impressions, impressions click-through rate and unique viewers. Learn more about the new YouTube Analytics.
  • Video snapshots throughout YouTube Studio tell you how your latest video is performing as compared to your previous videos.
  • Proactive insights give you quick info on your performance to save you time.
  • The Known YouTube issues card gives live updates on major YouTube issues or outages.

News and announcements

The new YouTube Studio dashboard keeps you up to date with what's new and interesting on YouTube. You'll find Ideas for you to help improve your channel, as well as News highlighting updates for the creator community. You can also select What's new for the latest updates to creator tools and features.

Other new features


Why do I see YouTube Studio instead of Creator Studio?

Many creators will start seeing YouTube Studio as their default creator experience. This gives you time to get used to the new design before Creator Studio Classic is removed.
How do I return to Creator Studio Classic?

If you don't find what you need in YouTube Studio, follow these steps to return to Creator Studio Classic:

  1. From the left-hand menu, select Creator Studio Classic or Other features.
  2. Select the reason why you're leaving and enter any feedback you have on YouTube Studio.
  3. Select Submit.

How do I leave feedback on YouTube Studio?

To leave feedback, select the Send feedback option in the left-hand menu, enter your feedback and select Send. You can also enter feedback any time you're returning to Creator Studio Classic. 
One of our main goals for YouTube Studio is to create a tool that creators love. We're actively looking at feedback to figure out how YouTube Studio can improve.

When is Creator Studio Classic going away?

YouTube Studio is the new home for creators. Creator Studio Classic will still be accessible until other features are available in YouTube Studio in 2019.
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