What's new in YouTube Studio beta

On this page you can find the most important information about YouTube Studio beta, including the latest, upcoming, and previous features and updates. Keep in mind that many Creator Studio Classic features aren't currently included in YouTube Studio beta, but will be coming in the future. 


Latest updates

You can check all previous updates to see what we've built so far. Come back often to see what's new! Keep an eye on our Creator Insider channel for sneak peeks and updates. 
Below are the latest additions. Last updated: September 6, 2018.
  • You can now export data from YouTube Analytics
  • If you look at Analytics for a video, you can now see a date range called "Since published". This will allow you to see how the video is performing cumulatively by the minute after publish. We'll add comparisons with previous videos soon!
  • The new Editor with Trimming and End Screens is available to all channels. Cards, blurring and more are on their way.
  • You can now see an Insights card pop up after you upload a video, that tells you how your video is performing in an easy to understand way with an option to see a more detailed analysis. 
  • Added character limit to tags in the video Details page.
  • Instead of going to Analytics when you click on your published video, we now take you to the Details page, which is more inline with the Classic navigation experience. If you want to see your analytics, click on your video and then the Analytics tab in the left menu. 
  • As of August 22, Enhancements (excluding Blurring and Trimming) are no longer available on Creator Studio classic. We currently have no plans for building this out in YouTube Studio, but welcome your feedback.
  • Added a link to the video from the search results. 
  • We've heard your feedback and added a Likes counter on the Videos page that. 
  • We made it clearer to see if and for when a video is scheduled.

What’s next?

We want to remind you that there are many Creator Studio Classic features that we will be bringing to YouTube Studio and, of course, a bunch of exciting new ones. 
Coming soon
  • Safari and Edge browser support for desktop
  • Headlines that tell you how your latest video is performing, and where changes in performance come from.
  • Normalized data for key metrics to give you a good sense of how your latest upload is performing, as compared to your previous uploads for the first hours/days. 
  • Comparisons and Currency in Analytics
  • First version of a new video editor, including Trimming and End Screens (cards and more coming later)
  • New uploads UI
  • Improved live stream video management

Why should I use YouTube Studio beta?

YouTube Studio will be the new home for creators. It's a platform built to cater to creator workflows better, and to allow us to build impactful creator features, faster, better, and more reliably. Eventually we will shut down Creator Studio classic, but before then we want creators' feedback.
Tell us what you think should be improved/is missing so that we can improve the platform before we say goodbye to the classic Creator Studio. 

Send feedback & feature requests

One of our main goals for YouTube Studio beta is to get feedback from creators. We want to make sure we get the basics right by getting creators involved as early as possible.

We know that many features aren't available yet, so we’d like to know which ones you’re missing the most, suggestions for new features, and any issues you have.

Here's how you can let us know: 

"Send feedback" button

  1. In the left menu in YouTube Studio beta, click Send feedback
  2. Type in your feedback. The more specific your feedback, the more helpful it is for us. 
  3. Choose if you want to include a screenshot (you can highlight any information on the screen or remove personal information that's showing).
  4. Click Send. We won’t be able to reply to your submission, but we’ll definitely read and consider it.

Tell us why you're leaving

When you’re leaving new YouTube Studio to go back to the Creator Studio Classic, you might see an optional survey. Use this to tell us about the reason you’re going back and we'll take it into consideration.

How to access YouTube Studio beta

You can access YouTube Studio beta at studio.youtube.com or by clicking the blue YouTube Studio beta button in the left menu in the current Creator Studio (now called "Creator Studio Classic").
YouTube Studio beta is currently only available for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox on desktop. 

Switch between Beta and Classic

We know you can't do everything yet in the new YouTube Studio. To go back to the old version of Creator Studio, click the Creator Studio Classic in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Whenever you want to go to YouTube Studio, click the blue YouTube Studio beta in the Creator Studio menu to go to studio.youtube.com.

You can also have YouTube Studio open as your default experience, instead of Creator Studio Classic. Go to Set as default or Settings in the left hand menu in YouTube Studio. You can also switch back here.

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