YouTube partner earnings overview

How do I earn revenue?

Your YouTube videos may earn revenue from

  • ads served via the AdSense auction;
  • ads sold on a reservation basis via DoubleClick (DCLK) and other YouTube-sold sources;

What's my revenue share?

There are no guarantees under the YouTube partner agreement about how much, or whether, you will be paid.

Earnings are generated based on a share of advertising revenue generated when people view your video - so more views may lead to more revenue. 

Review your YouTube Content License Agreement agreement for specific details about your ad revenue share:

  1. Go to your account Monetization tab.
  2. Choose the option to "Review Terms of Service."

When do I get paid? 

Once you’ve associated an AdSense account with your YouTube account, you can be paid when your earnings reach your local payment threshold, as long as there are no holds on your account and you're in compliance with our policies.

More information about specific payments can be found here.

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