Creators in the YouTube Partner Program can start sharing ads revenue from Shorts in February 2023. Shorts views are already counting towards new program eligibility requirements for creators not in YPP. Learn more!

AdSense for YouTube

Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, we will be temporarily pausing Google and YouTube ads from serving to users located in Russia. Learn more.

New: YouTube will have its own homepage and payments account in AdSense starting in March. This update will roll out throughout 2022. Learn more about this change below.
AdSense is Google’s program that lets creators in the YouTube Partner Program get paid. To start getting paid on YouTube, set up an AdSense account from within YouTube Studio. Use this page to learn more about how to use AdSense as a YouTube creator.


AdSense for YouTube Creators

Get started with AdSense

Remember, having an active AdSense account is required to get paid your YouTube earnings. Follow the steps below to get started with AdSense. If you’re not in the YouTube Partner Program and trying to claim a Shorts bonus, follow these steps instead.

Set up an account

First, make sure to set up an AdSense account in YouTube Studio if you don’t already have one. We’ve created a detailed set of instructions and also address some common issues with setting up AdSense: 

Only one AdSense account under the same payee name is allowed per AdSense's Terms and Conditions. So, make sure you don’t have duplicate accounts when linking with your YouTube channel. If you just want to change the AdSense account linked to your channel, follow these steps.

Verify your personal info

Once set up, it’s time to verify your personal info. When your earnings pass the address verification threshold for your YouTube payments account, AdSense will mail a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to your physical address. This PIN needs to be entered into your AdSense account to verify your address before you can get paid. More info here:

Also, depending on your location, AdSense may need to verify your identity using info like your name, address, or date of birth. If you’re required to do this, you typically won’t be asked to verify your address until after you’ve successfully verified your identity. Learn more on how to do this here:

Provide your tax info

After providing your personal info, you’ll need to provide your tax info to continue. Google withholds U.S. taxes on earnings you generate from viewers in the U.S., so this info is important to provide to determine your correct withholding rate. Find out how to submit your tax info and more here:

Add a form of payment

When your info is verified, you then need to pass the payment method selection threshold for your YouTube payments account. This is the minimum amount AdSense can pay out to you, so once you have that much in your YouTube payments account, you’ll be asked to select a form of payment. Find all the options and steps here:

Get paid

Your finalized YouTube earnings each month are added to your YouTube payments account balance in AdSense between the 7th and 12th of the following month. Once added, you can view payment details (such as applicable tax deductions) in the Transactions page:

  1. Sign into AdSense.
  2. In the left Menu, select Payment info under Payments.
  3. Click View transactions in the Transactions section of the page.

You should get paid by the 21st or 26th each month if your balance meets the payment threshold and there aren’t any payment holds on your account.

Example: If the YouTube payment threshold is $100, and you reached that threshold amount in June, then AdSense will issue you a payment by July 26, if not earlier.

YouTube homepage and payments account

What's new

The AdSense experience for YouTube creators is improving. Starting in March 2022 and rolling out over the next few months, YouTube will have a dedicated AdSense for YouTube homepage in AdSense. It allows creators even quicker access to their finalized YouTube earnings in AdSense.

In addition, payments for YouTube earnings will be separated into its own payments account. This means the YouTube and AdSense payments accounts will have separate payment threshold amounts. That’s important to understand if you use AdSense to get paid for more than just YouTube, as it could affect payment timing.

Any outstanding YouTube earnings will be moved into that new payments account. The details of your previously paid YouTube earnings and any other AdSense earnings will remain associated with your AdSense payments account.

How to see it

Currently the new homepage is only accessible to a small number of creators while it’s being rolled out in 2022. Until roll out completes, finalized YouTube earnings are still visible to YouTube creators in their AdSense payments account.

Once rolled out fully, you’ll land on the new AdSense for YouTube homepage by navigating to AdSense from within YouTube Studio. You can also see it at the top of the left-hand menu in AdSense.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to set up or adjust the new YouTube payments account?

Once access rolls out to you, the changes will happen automatically and your YouTube earnings will begin to be posted to your YouTube payments account. 

If you have outstanding YouTube earnings, those will be transferred to the new YouTube payments account. Any existing form of payment or custom payment thresholds will automatically be applied.

What if I use AdSense to get paid from other services aside from YouTube?

If you’re an AdSense publisher with other types of earnings aside from YouTube earnings, you’ll be able to manage and view your YouTube earnings in the separate payments account accessible from the Payments page.

Keep in mind that both the YouTube and AdSense payments accounts will need to reach their respective payment thresholds for you to be paid. This could affect the timing of your payments.

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