YouTube Partner Program for MCN affiliates

Joining the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is a requirement for all affiliate channels in multi-channel networks (MCNs). Once a channel reaches the program threshold, it's eligible to be reviewed to join the YouTube Partner Program.

Affiliates who join YPP will benefit from a direct relationship with YouTube, while maintaining the same operational relationship with their MCN. All affiliate creators must contract with YouTube on YPP terms.

Not sure if you're an affiliate creator?

If you’re not sure whether your MCN has categorized your channel as an "affiliate," you should ask your MCN. MCNs can have two different types of channels under their YouTube network:

  • Affiliate channels are managed at scale by their MCN and reside in an Affiliate Content Owner.
  • Owned & Operated (O&O) channels are owned and operated by the partner. This means the partner has obtained exclusive rights to the channel's YouTube content and actively manages the operation of the channel (e.g. uploading videos) on a day to day basis. To the extent that the partner has less than perpetual, worldwide exclusivity to the O&O channel’s uploaded content, it is the partner’s responsibility to use appropriate features to manage the availability of the content on the platform.

Differentiating between these two types of channels allows YouTube to apply our policies and channel features with clarity and fairness.

Join the YouTube Partner Program as an MCN-affiliate

As a member of the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll gain access to new features as they become available.

If you’re already a part of an MCN

You’ll receive a notification in YouTube Studio indicating that you’re all set to review and accept the YouTube Partner Program terms. Go to YouTube Studio and follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

If you don’t see the option to sign up in YouTube Studio, contact your MCN. Some channels may not be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. Make sure that you understand the guidelines and information below for the YouTube Partner Program.

If you haven't joined an MCN yet
You’ll be able to join the YouTube Partner Program as a part of the MCN sign-up process in YouTube Studio.

YouTube Partner Program FAQ

How can my videos make money?
Once your video is submitted and approved for monetization, you may earn money from ads running inside or near your monetized video(s) or from applicable YouTube subscription earnings.
How much will my videos earn?

Earnings depend on a number of factors. The two key factors are the types of ads appearing with your videos (including the pricing of such ads) and how many applicable YouTube Premium members watch your content.

Another factor may be the agreement you signed with your MCN. If you have questions about your agreement, contact your MCN directly.

How can I control ads on my affiliate channel?
The MCN affiliate has the option to block and control ads in the AdSense for YouTube account linked to their channel. Learn more about allowing and blocking ads.

What happens if I leave an MCN?

When an MCNs releases a channel from their network, it can cause monetization status to change. Learn what to do next

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