Cameras & microphones

Cameras inside the car

Cameras are a way for us to make sure your ride goes smoothly. Among other things, we may use cameras to:

  • Make sure cars are clean
  • Find lost items
  • Provide help in case of emergency
  • Check that in-car rules are being followed
  • Improve products and services

Microphones inside the car

The microphones inside the car are never active unless Support is called during a ride (just like when you call 911 or other emergency services). The microphones are there for us to assist you.

Cameras outside the car

Our vision system includes cameras designed to work in long range, in daylight, and in low-light conditions. We use cameras outside the car to see things like whether a traffic light is red or green.

Waymo’s cameras also see the world in context, as a human would, but with a 360° field of view. Our high-resolution vision system can help us detect important things in the world around us like traffic lights and construction zones. Our systems are not designed to use this data to identify individual people.

Microphones outside the car

Waymo One vehicles also have a number of sensors, including our audio detection system used to detect police and emergency vehicle sirens.

Our view on your privacy

Our mission is for you to feel safe in our cars and to be able to get where you’re going. See the Waymo One Privacy Policy for complete ride-hailing privacy information. 


What do you use cameras inside the car for?

We use cameras inside the car to make sure your trips go smoothly and to improve our services. For example, we can help if you contact Support with any issues, check to make sure our car is clean, confirm all riders are wearing seatbelts, and make sure that nothing has been left behind at the end of a ride.

Are you listening to me during the trip?

No. We can only hear you when Support is called during a ride.

Are you selling my personal information?

No. Waymo does not sell your personal information.

Do you share recordings with law enforcement?

We may share certain data with law enforcement as needed to comply with legal requirements, enforce agreements, and protect the safety of you and others. Law enforcement agencies that seek information and data from Waymo are directed to follow valid legal processes in making such requests.

Can I remove my data from Waymo’s system?

You have many choices regarding how your data is used, such as viewing and editing trip history in the Waymo One app, updating your account information, deleting your account, changing location permissions, and opting out of receiving promotional messages.
California residents have the ability to delete personal information associated with their Waymo One account or download a copy of it. If you have questions or requests related to your rights under state privacy laws, you (or your authorized agent) can also contact Waymo using this help article, Exercising your California privacy rights, or by calling us at 1-844-261-3753. See more information about these tools in our Privacy Policy.

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