1. Phoenix service area expands 90+ square miles!


    Explore more Scottsdale shopping, dining, outdoor, and entertainment favorites in the 90+ square miles we added to our Metro Phoenix service area. Learn more about our service areas.
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  2. Pay for your ride with Google Pay!


    Starting this week you can use Google Pay to pay for your Waymo One ride! Learn more about payment options and processes and use Google Pay for your next ride.
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  3. Free rides in LA ending April 10th

    On April 10th we’ll begin charging for Waymo One trips in LA. We’re excited to welcome you as our first “official” customers in the City of Angels. For more info check out trip pricing or you can contact Support with any questions.
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  4. Changes to multi-stop trips


    In the coming weeks, trips with multiple stops will change to 30 minutes for each stop to maximize efficiency for this service. To keep your booked multi-stop trip, you'll want to spend less than 30 minutes at each stop.
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  5. We’re expanding service in the LA area!


    Starting today, we're welcoming members of our waitlist to ride with Waymo One in LA, offering rides from Santa Monica to Downtown LA! For now rides will be free, but we’ll be sure to give you a heads up before we begin charging for trips in the coming weeks. Learn more about our service areas
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  6. Changes to our multi-stop trips


    Starting today, there will be a small fee to add additional stops (you can add up to 4) to your trip. But don't worry, adding stops is still cheaper than booking everything as individual trips! Any time you add a stop, or change your destination, we’ll show you the new price for your trip. Drop off a friend, go grocery shopping, or pick up dinner, all in one booking! Learn more about how to add stops and get more done in a single trip! 
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  7. Share your trip


    You can now share your trip progress with friends and family. They'll be able to see your trip status in real time and know when you'll arrive. Once your trip starts, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and press the Share trip button.
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  8. New terminal service for Phoenix Sky Harbor


    Waymo now offers service to and from airport terminals Pickups and dropoffs are available from 10pm – 6am at Terminals 3 & 4, Level 1, outer curb, south door #8 (near arrivals) Note: Due to airport regulations the car can only wait 4 min at pickup. Read more about Phoenix Airport Service
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  9. Pay for your ride with Apple Pay!


    You can now use Apple Pay to pay for your Waymo One ride! Learn more about payment options and processes and use Apple Pay for your next ride.
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  10. How long will the car wait for me at pickup?


    Check the app to see how long the car will wait for you at the pickup spot since wait times can vary. When the car arrives, the app will count down the remaining wait time. Be sure to meet your car when it arrives! On busy roads, your car may need to move to avoid blocking traffic. Otherwise, the car will wait up to 5 minutes before leaving. See our article on Pickup & dropoff for more details.
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  11. Vehicle cleaning fees for messy cars


    Keep the car clean for the next person! We'll be applying a vehicle cleaning fee for leaving behind a dirty or damaged car such as vomit, excessive trash, and smoking odors. If you self-report the mess during the ride (doesn't include smoking), the initial fee will be $50. For issues that go unreported, we’ll charge riders $100 for the first violation and increase the fee for subsequent violations. Repeat trash and smoking-related violations may also impact your account standing. If you get into a dirty car, please let Support know ASAP. See our Rider Rules for more information.
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  12. Hail a free Waymo ride in LA!


    Secure your ticket to ride FREE! Waymo is going on tour across Los Angeles and serving neighborhoods near you! Starting in October, you can get a 1 week early access ticket, and try out our fully autonomous ride-hailing service. Check out our LA Tours page to find out how you can secure a ticket to ride. Have fun and enjoy the ride!
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  13. All of the San Francisco service area is now available!


    All riders now have access to all of San Francisco, including Union Square, Chinatown, and Fisherman's Wharf. Check out the map below. For more questions about where we operate, see Service areas or reach out to Support.
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  14. 8/21 San Francisco pricing changes


    We will begin charging for Waymo One trips in San Francisco next Monday, August 21, 2023. Here are a few important things to know about our pricing: We’re transparent — you’ll always know your trip cost before you book We base the price of your trip on the most direct route. Even if the car re-routes, or adapts a route in an unexpected way, the cost will not change. During busier times, like nights and weekends, prices may be higher to help manage demand for rides Our wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) service will remain free for now You can learn more about our pricing here, and if you have…
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  15. Phoenix service area has expanded


    We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our Phoenix service area! You'll now have access to more parts of Scottsdale and Northern Phoenix. Check out our updated service area: If you have any questions on our expansion, please reach out to Support via the Waymo One app. Thanks again for being a loyal Waymo One rider!
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  16. Phoenix service area expanded


    We’re connecting our East Valley & Downtown Phoenix service areas! This means you’ll be able to take Waymo One across a broader area of Metro Phoenix, including Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, and Scottsdale. In the early days of the transition, wait times may be a bit higher due to increased demand, so thank you for your patience. If you have any questions about these changes, please reach out to Support.
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  17. Maximum rider capacity has increased


    The maximum passenger count has increased from 3 to 4 across our service areas. What else should I know? We can now accommodate a maximum of 4 passengers per ride. However, in the rare case that an autonomous specialist is present, only a max of 3 riders will be allowed. Please remember to bring your own car seat for babies and younger kids, and install it in the back seats according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Children under 8 years old may not ride in the front seat. While in the front passenger seat, you may interact with the passenger screen, but do not touch any other controls. Re…
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  18. Saying goodbye to our Chrysler Pacificas


    Starting the week of May 1st, we'll officially retire the Chrysler Pacifica and bring our latest vehicle platform, the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE operated by our fifth-generation Waymo Driver, to Waymo One in the East Valley. You may have even already seen these vehicles cruising around Downtown Phoenix and Sky Harbor, so we’re excited to now bring this fleet to you too. Here’s what to expect with this new ride: Unlock with the app: When the car arrives, you’ll need to unlock the doors using your Waymo One app. Car seats: Our Jaguar I-PACEs don’t currently come with car or booster seats, so yo…
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  19. Changes to our Trusted Tester experience


    There are a couple exciting changes to our Waymo One Trusted Tester experience. 1) Rider-only: No more wondering if you'll have the car to yourself or not! All of your rides will now be rider-only (except during any inclement weather or other service outages). 2) Experience & Participation: We value your continued participation as a Trusted Tester. Going forward, we’re lifting the confidentiality and guest restrictions for Trusted Testers so you can share your experiences publicly on social media or with friends and family (which we highly encourage!). Your participation and feedback on new fe…
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  20. iHeartRadio now available


    You can now play music directly from the in-car screen during your ride! Select “Music” on the menu to choose from a selection of genres on iHeartRadio, like R&B, Pop, EDM, and more. You can still play music from your phone too using our Cast feature. To learn more, see our article on how to play music.
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  21. San Francisco service area expanded


    Starting this afternoon, we’re expanding our San Francisco service area! You'll now have access to the full territory below, including more parts of the Mission, Potrero Hill, and Dogpatch. If you have any questions about these changes, please reach out to Support.
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  22. Masks are no longer required during Waymo One rides


    As of today masks are no longer required during Waymo One rides. This includes rides with autonomous specialists and during interactions with roadside assistance. Riders and specialists are still welcome to wear masks if they prefer. If you have any questions about this change, read more on our COVID-19 policies, or contact our Support team. Thanks for riding with us!
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  23. Riding with Waymo One during the Big Game


    We’re proud to announce that Waymo is partnering with the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee to provide transportation to and from related events in the Downtown Phoenix area. We will be providing rides to and from Sky Harbor airport, the Super Bowl Experience at Hance Park, tailgates, and VIP fan parties. With event-related road closures some parts of our Downtown Phoenix service area may be unavailable, so we'll offer specialized pickup and dropoff locations as needed. Please see the app for these changes. We’re also expecting a high turnout, so you may experience longer wait times when you h…
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