Users and Permissions

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To view, add, or manage users, go to the All Accounts screen and click the name of the account you would like to manage. From there you can view a list of users by clicking on the Users tab, and add a new user by clicking the New → User button. To modify the permissions of a user, select their name from the list of users. From the Account User Settings screen, you can set their account permissions and container permissions using the corresponding drop-down menus. Click the Save button when you're done editing the user to commit your changes. You can also delete the user by clicking the Delete this user button in the bottom right corner of the Account User Settings screen.

Note: When you add users to the account, they will have access to view all containers until you change their access settings.

User Access and Permissions

There are two levels of permissions: account level and container level.

Account Level Permissions

A "View only" user's access is governed by the container permissions assigned to him or her for each container. For example, if he or she is assigned "No access" to container A, he or she will not see container A in the account.

A "View, Edit, and Manage" user's access is also governed by the container permissions assigned to him or her for each container, however, he or she will have at least "View only" access to each container in the account.

Container Level Permissions

Privileges are assigned on a per-container basis. For a given container, a user may have:

  • No access: The user will not see the container listed in the account.
  • View only: The user will see the container listed and may browse the tags, rules, and macros in the container.
  • View and Edit: The user may add and edit tags, rules, and macros in the container.
  • View, Edit, Delete and Publish: The user may add, edit, and delete tags, rules, and macros in the container as well as publish changes to the live site.

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