Floodlight integration and approvals

Floodlight activities can be pushed directly from the DoubleClick Campaign Manager user interface to Google Tag Manager containers. Instead of using the Google Tag Manager interface to add DoubleClick Floodlight Counter or DoubleClick Floodlight Sales tags to containers, you approve a link request from a DoubleClick Campaign Manager account, and approve activities as they are pushed to the container.

Approving Link Requests

From a container, navigate to Admin → Approval Queue → Overview in the Google Tag Manager interface. Link requests appear under External Account Links. Click the external account name, then click Approve.

Note: If you're already in Google Tag Manager, you may need to refresh the page in your browser so that Approval Queue appears in the navigation.

To see existing account links, navigate to Admin → External Account Links → Overview. To unlink a DoubleClick Campaign Manager from the container, click the external account name, then click Delete Link.

Approving Activities

From a container, navigate to Admin → Approval Queue → Tags in the Google Tag Manager interface. Click the activity name. Make any desired modifications to the tag, then click Approve.

As with all changes to containers, activities pushed from DoubleClick Floodlight Manager must be published in order to take effect.

Mobile Floodlight activities

The process for receiving mobile Floodlight activities is similar to the process for regular Floodlight activities, with some small changes.

  • You’ll need to create a container specifically for mobile activities and use this container to link to DoubleClick Campaign Manager. If you’ve already created a container to fire your web-based Floodlight tags, note that you’ll need to create and maintain a separate mobile container specifically for mobile Floodlight tags.

  • When you receive the tags, you may also receive specific instructions with conditions for how they should fire. There are two mobile-specific settings you may have to configure:

    • Unrepeatable: Check this box if you want your Floodlight tag to fire only once over the lifetime of the app (for example, when a user downloads or installs an app).
    • Firing rules: The activity must be tied to a firing rule in Google Tag Manager so that the tag fires.
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