Display & Video 360 line item filtering

Dynamic creatives can select the right creative content based on which Display & Video 360 line item the creative is serving in. This strategy will make sure the creative's content matches the line item's targeting. To take advantage of this feature, your media buying partner should assign your dynamic creative to many different line items. Each row of the feed (or variant) will only serve when the line item ID in that row wins the impression.

This strategy requires no macro setup, so it's easier than using data pass.

Before you get started

In order to use Display & Video 360 line item filtering with your dynamic creatives, your Campaign Manager 360 advertiser must be linked to Display & Video 360. This is required so that your dynamic creatives can be matched with the right line items. If the accounts aren't linked and you try to add the Campaign Manager 360 tags as third-party tags in Display & Video 360, this feature won't work properly.

Feed setup

  1. Start with a feed template. Refer to this sample feed structure as a starting point.
  2. Fill out the feed. Follow these general feed instructions to add columns and data to the feed.
  3. Add the Display & Video 360 line item ID filtering column. Add a column for line item IDs. In each row, enter the numerical ID of the line item you want to show this row's content to.
    If you want to show the same creative content for more than one line item, you can use a single row and separate line item IDs with a comma.
  4. For each row in the spreadsheet, fill out the values in the dynamic element columns that you want to display when the creative is served to the line item ID in that row.
Every row of a filtering column should have a value. If you leave a row blank, it will be considered a match for all IDs. This means if multiple rows are selected based on the filtering you set up, all blank rows will also be selected for rotation, along with the rows that match the targeted IDs.
Get the ID of a line item in Display & Video 360
  1. Open Display & Video 360, then open your advertiser.
  2. Click Campaign in the left menu.
  3. Click the name of the campaign you want to open.
  4. At the top of the page, click the Line items tab.
  5. Find the line items the Studio creatives will be assigned to. Copy the number found in the ID column to the right of the line item's name.

Studio profile setup

  1. Upload the feed to your Studio profile.
  2. Navigate to Step 2: Manage Data. In the "Data types and filters" section, find the field name that matches the name of the Display & Video 360 line item ID column in your feed. In that row, select the field type DV360 line item ID.
  3. Review the other fields in your spreadsheet and make sure each field is set to the correct data type.
  4. Click Transform, then click Save and continue.
  5. In Step 3: Manage Rules, select what type of filtering to use, either "Auto-filter", or "Prioritized" (if using prioritized rules). Confirm that the Summary displays "Filtering on: DV360_lineitem_ID" (or the name of the line item ID column in your feed). If you need to update the filtering column, click Manage.
  6. In Step 4: Generate Code, the dynamic code is generated. Follow these steps to incorporate the dynamic code into the creative files and upload them to Studio.

Preview and troubleshooting

  1. In Step 5: Preview, preview the creative by entering the Display & Video 360 line item ID to preview with, then click Apply. Repeat as needed to test multiple line item IDs.
  2. When you're done previewing and testing the creative, go to Step 7: Publish, then click Publish.

Make sure to use the right Display & Video 360 line item IDs for each row of content in the feed. To do so, you'll need to coordinate with your media buying partner to decide which content to assign based on the line item's target audience.

When you preview creatives that use Display & Video 360 line item filtering in Campaign Manager 360, you'll only be able to see the default ad, because filtering by line item ID is not supported in Campaign Manager 360 previews.

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