Add a feed to a profile

After you create a dynamic profile in Studio, you'll need to add the dynamic feed to the profile. When you add the feed, you are also uploading the content within the feed onto our servers. On impression, the ad servers call the content stored on our servers, instead of directly calling the content in the feed each time.

To upload a feed to Studio, you must have at least one row of valid content (not including the column header row). If a feed doesn't have at least one row of valid content, you'll see the error “The file could not be parsed.”

There are two ways to add a feed to your profile: you can upload new content, or use an existing feed. Select an option to learn more.

Upload new content

This option allows you to upload a brand new dynamic feed that has not been used by any other Studio profile.

Add a feed workflow: Select a source step

To upload new content:

  1. Go to the Manage Data step of the Dynamic Content workflow.
  2. In the Feeds section, click the New Content button. You are brought into Step 1: Select source.
  3. Select a Content source
    1. Local file: Use with CSV or XML files.
    2. Google spreadsheet: Use with Google Sheets.
    3. Remote file: Use this option to provide a link to a non-secure, publicly available remote file.
  4. Proceed depending on which content source you selected:
    1. Local file: Click Browse for File and select the file you want to upload.
    2. Google spreadsheet:
      1. The Available Google Docs spreadsheets window opens.
      2. Check the box next to the feed you want to use and click Select spreadsheet. If your feed is not listed, make sure the feed is shared with the email addresses as noted in the window.
      3. In the Sheet drop-down, select the name of the spreadsheet tab that you want to upload
    3. Remote file: In the Path field, enter the path to the remote file.
  5. Click Start import.
  6. After the import is complete, a summary and preview of your content source appears. Review the information. If you are satisfied with the content, click Continue >>.

The feed is now uploaded to Studio.

Use an existing feed
This option allows you to upload a dynamic feed that is also being used by another Studio profile. Any changes made to the feed will affect all the Studio profiles that use that feed.
To use existing content:
  1. Go to the Manage Data step of the Dynamic Content workflow.
  2. In the Feed section, click Use Existing Content. The Import a feed window opens, displaying a list of existing feeds associated with your Studio advertiser.
  3. Select the feed you want this profile to share.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Save and Continue >> .

You are brought into the Manage Rules step of the Dynamic Content workflow. 

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