Store pickup required attributes

Product data requirements for store pickup can differ based on your preferred implementation.

This article lists the required attributes for each store pickup feature with Google hosted local storefront, merchant hosted local storefront full, or basic implementation options.

Attributes Feed type GHLSF MHLSF Full MHLSF Basic
link Local products Red X Red X
link_template Red X Red X
store_code ValueTrack parameter in link_template Red X Red X
store_code ValueTrack parameter in pickup_link_template Red X
ads_redirect Optional Optional Optional
mobile_link_template Optional Optional Optional
mobile_pickup_link_template Optional Optional Optional
pickup method Local products or Local products inventory
pickup SLA


Note: Add the pickup_method and pickup_SLA attributes to your local product inventory feed when the store pickup offering is only available at specific stores.

If you are already submitting the ads_redirect and/or mobile_pickup_link_template attribute in your local products feed, you must include the store_code ValueTrack parameter for both the ads_redirect and/or pickup_link_template attributes.

Ensure the ads_redirect URL matches with the pickup_link_template URL. If the URLs do not match, the ads_redirect attribute will be rejected.

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