identifier_exists: Definition

Use the identifier_exists attribute to indicate that unique product identifiers (UPIs) aren’t available for your product. Unique product identifiers are submitted using the gtin, mpn, and brand attributes.

When to use

Optional for each product

Use for products that don’t have a GTIN, MPN, or brand.

  • If your product is new (which you submit through the condition attribute) and it doesn’t have assigned product identifiers that meet the requirements below, then submit identifier_exists with a value of no or false.

Use the following set of rules to provide the correct identifiers for each of your products.

Product identifier requirements
Regardless of category

The gtin attribute is required if the product is widely manufactured and has a GTIN.

  Apparel Media Other categories

Required product identifiers based on category

Requires a value for the brand attribute Requires a value for the gtin attribute (for example, ISBN)

Requires a value for the brand attribute (if there is no brand, provide the manufacturer/supplier name)

If there is no GTIN, provide the mpn attribute.

Otherwise If product identifier requirements are not met, then your item’s performance may be limited.

Products that might not have unique product identifiers include:

  • Custom goods or one-of-a-kind items, like custom T-shirts, art, or handmade goods
  • Products produced before GTINs were introduced, like vintage products, antiques, books published before 1970, and other special items


Follow these formatting guidelines to make sure we understand the data you're submitting.

For details on when and how to submit values in English, learn more about submitting your product data



Supported values
(Text and XML feeds)
yes, true, no, false

Supported values 
(Content API feeds)

true, false
Repeated field No
File format Example entry


XML feeds <g:identifier_exists>no</g:identifier_exists>

To format your data for Content API, see the Content API for Shopping.


Follow these guidelines to make sure you submit high-quality data for your products.

  • Ensure that you only use this attribute if you are sure that your product doesn’t have any assigned unique product identifiers. 
  • Products for which the identifier_exists attribute is incorrectly set to no or false and for which there is evidence that a unique product identifier exists, will be disapproved.


Products without GTINs, MPNs & brands

An illustration of a woman wearing a black dress

Product Customized Black Dress
title Customized Black Dress
price 32 USD
color black
size M
identifier exists no
condition new
is_bundle yes
gtin (Leave blank, since the dress is custom made and doesn't have a GTIN)
mpn (Leave blank, since the dress is custom made and doesn't have an MPN)

An illustration of a scarf that

Product Wool Scarf
title Hand knitted polka dot wool scarf - orange / black
identifier exists no
price 15 USD
color orange / black
condition new
gtin (Leave blank, since the scarf is custom made and doesn't have a GTIN)
mpn (Leave blank, since the scarf is custom made and doesn't have an MPN)
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