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About linking Merchant Center and AdWords

With both Merchant Center and AdWords accounts, you can take advantage of retail-centric AdWords campaign tools and the data-centric power of Merchant Center to improve your presence on the web. Product data in Merchant Center can also be used to set up campaigns for dynamic remarketing, local inventory ads, and more.

What is Merchant Center?

Merchant Center is a platform that allows you to upload your store and product data to Google and make it available for use with your AdWords account and other Google Services. Learn more about Google Merchant Center.

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What is AdWords?

AdWords is an online advertising program that allows you to reach new audiences with targeting, bidding, keywords, and more. Learn more about Google AdWords.

Why link AdWords to Merchant Center

When you approve a link between your AdWords and Merchant Center accounts, you'll allow your product data to flow from Merchant Center to AdWords for use in advertising campaigns. Depending on which type of product data you submit, you can create Shopping campaigns to advertise your products, use dynamic remarketing to drive your Display campaigns, and more.

What happens when you link Merchant Center and AdWords

  • Only a Merchant Center account user can request to link the accounts. New account link requests will appear in your AdWords account on your "Linked accounts" page, which is located in the Settings drop-down menu.
  • Once the AdWords account owner approves the request, some information is shared between accounts. The Merchant Center's product information is available in AdWords for campaign creation. Certain AdWords statistics like clicks are shown in the linked Merchant Center account.
  • AdWords account owners and either admin or standard Merchant Center users can remove the link at any time. Neither party can make changes in the other linked account. For instance, the Merchant Center account owner cannot pause or start campaigns, or make changes to bids in the linked AdWords account.
  • If you remove the account link, Shopping campaigns that rely on product data from this Merchant Center account will stop serving ads. You also won't be able to create new campaigns in AdWords based on product data from this Merchant Center account.
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