Set up your product data in Google Sheets

This article includes instructions on how to create and upload your product data in Google Sheets. Merchant Center offers a template to help you build your product data.

Before you get started with creating and uploading your product data, you will need to register your Google Sheet with Merchant Center.

Add your data

Fill out your feed according to the instructions below for the type of spreadsheet you're using. Do not import or open a .xlsx file in Google Sheets, as doing so may cause encoding issues.

Submit your feed

Once you've submitted your feed, you should check the "Processing" tab in your Merchant Center account for possible feed processing errors. To view a full list of errors and warnings, go to the Diagnostics page and troubleshoot your feed if necessary.

Google Sheets format requirements

  • The first sheet of a Google Sheets file must contain the product data to be submitted. The first line of this page must be the header. The header must contain a single attribute per cell. Any values that are not supported attributes will cause errors during feed upload. 
  • Each cell must comply with the value rules outlined in the product data specification.
  • For group attributes such as tax, shipping, installment, subscription_cost, and product_detail, use colon-separated sub-attributes. If a colon is not used to separate sub-attributes, it should be submitted with a preceding backslash, i.e. ' \: '
  • For repeated attributes such as tax, shipping, product_type, product_highlight, and product_detail, you should provide each value separated by a comma, such as ‘blue, green, red’ wherever applicable. For repeated attributes only, if a comma is part of the attribute value and is not used to separate values, it should be submitted with a preceding backslash,i.e.,' \, '.
  • For repeated group attributes, both the comma and the colon must be prefixed with a backslash if they are not used to separate values.
  • Refer to the product data specification to learn more. Note that only a few attributes support multiple values; for example, you may only provide one value for the id or description attributes.

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