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Vehicle ads image guidelines

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Vehicle Listing Ads Hero Image

The vehicle ads feature is designed to surface vehicle ads and dealer information to customers when the vehicle they're searching for is available nearby.

Automatic image improvements aren't supported for Vehicle ads images yet. Learn more About automatic image improvements

Note: In some cases, Google may use a separate automatic background blur or smart cropping feature to make images consistent with guidelines.

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Image guidelines

The below guidelines outline policies for which images may get disapproved. We recommend having high quality, clean images with minimal background for best performance.

Image specifications

File formats GIF (.gif), JPEG (.jpg/.jpeg), PNG (.png), BMP (.bmp), and TIFF (.tif/.tiff)
Maximum file size 16 MB
Minimum image size 100 X 100 pixels (recommended is 800 X 600)
Maximum image size 64 megapixels
Recommended aspect ratio 4:3

Disapproval policies

Offers may be disapproved if the images violate any of the following policies:

1. No overlaid watermarks

Vehicle images should not overlaid watermarks

2. No superimposed logos or text

Vehicle images should not have superimposed logos or text

3. No placeholder images

Placeholder images such as “No Image”, “Coming Soon”, generic or stock image which is not the actual car, or using just the brand or dealer logo will be disapproved.

  • Exception: Stock images are allowed for new cars as long as they show the same make, model, and color as the car listed.

Vehicle images should not have placeholder images

4. No offensive content

Images which contain any inappropriate or sensitive visuals will be disapproved.

5. Include entire product

Accurately display the entire product with minimal or no product staging. Images which are truncated will be disapproved.

Allowed but discouraged

While offers may not be disapproved for the reasons below, it is not a good user experience and could negatively impact performance. We recommend avoiding these types of images for best results. Google may use technical solutions like background blur or auto-cropping to make these images more consistent with our guidelines.

1. Logos or branding in the background

Vehicle images should contain logos or branding in the background of the image.

2. Modification on the license plate

Vehicle images should not have modified license plates

3. Cluttered background

Vehicle images should not have cluttered backgrounds.

4. Rear angle images as the main image

Avoid submitting a rear angle image as the main image for the offer. These images can be submitted using the additional image link [additional_image_link] attribute.

Use the image link [image_link] attribute to submit the main image. We recommend using images taken from a front-to-side angle (at ~45 degrees).

Illustration highlighting the rear end of a car

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